February 26, 2009

Rocky Mountain News to close

Colorado's oldest newspaper, the Rocky Mountain News, said it will close up shop Friday after nearly 150 years in the news business.

E.W. Scripps, the paper's owner, said the newspaper had failed to find a buyer, The Denver Post reported Thursday.

The closing ends work for 200 newsroom personnel, the Post said.

Today the Rocky Mountain News, long the leading voice in Denver, becomes a victim of changing times in our industry and huge economic challenges, Scripps Chief Executive Officer Rich Boehne said in a statement.

Boehne called the paper, America's very best example of what local news organizations need to be in the future.

Unfortunately, the partnership's business model is locked in the past, he said.

An article in the News said the paper was less than 2 months away from its 150th birthday.

It was founded in 1859 by William Byers and bought by Scripps in 1926.

The newspaper's demise has become familiar among U.S. cities. Earlier this week, Hearst Corp. threatened staff cuts or closure at the San Francisco Chronicle, similar to choices it has announced for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Publishers of daily newspapers in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Chicago have recently filed for bankruptcy protection.