Green IT – Magpie Helps Customer Tendril Achieve Strong Results for Energy Industry

March 6, 2009

Magpie provides energy solutions provider, Tendril, with the expertise they needed to advance their leading energy management solution.

BOULDER, Colo., March 6 /PRNewswire/ — Magpie, a local software development company with expertise in FLEX programming today announced the success of its work with Tendril Networks, Inc., a leading provider of energy management solutions for the energy and utility industry and their consumers.

“We are extremely happy with the quality talent that Magpie has been able to lend to our engineering effort,” said Kent Dickson, Vice President of Engineering for Tendril. “They have been a key partner in helping drive our technology forward and develop user experiences that are optimized to connect utilities with their customers.”

Magpie began by assisting Tendril in the development of a Demand Response Load Control (DRLC) add-on to the Tendril Residential Energy Ecosystem (TREE). The add-on enables customers to participate in smart energy conservation programs by allowing their utility to send events to smart energy compliant devices in their home requesting that they lower their energy consumption. The customer is then given choices. They may opt out of the event if they wish or take advantage of the lower consumption charges.

Magpie has also participated in the development of the TREE server and the consumer and utility portals. Magpie will help define and implement new core TREE features going forward. Magpie develops software using an iterative development technique known as Agile. This Agile method has brought clearer vision to the project and is helping Tendril get the product to market quicker.

“Tendril’s emphasis on consumer-oriented energy management has meshed well with Magpie’s goals of developing the best user experience possible for consumer software applications,” said Chris Bricker CIO of Magpie. “We’ve really enjoyed working with the people at Tendril, their adoption of industry-standard software development architectures along with their use of Agile development methodologies has allowed the Magpie team to get up to speed and contribute in a short time frame.”

About Magpie

Magpie provides software development services to clients around the world — from Fortune 500′s to startups. Using eXtreme Programming and other Agile processes, Magpie has delivered an unprecedented on-time and on-budget delivery of its software projects. Magpie prides themselves on technical excellence and delighting the customer.


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