March 10, 2009

Canadians mostly happy with ‘do-not-call’

About 80 percent of Canadians who placed their telephone numbers on a do-not-call list report a decrease in telemarketing calls, a marketing survey says.

The Marketing Research and Intelligence Association poll of 2,035 people who placed their numbers in the federal database also found 10 percent now receive no telemarketing calls, the Globe and Mail reported Tuesday.

Since being introduced last fall, some 6 million of the country's 27 million phone customers have registered their numbers.

Some of the respondents said they were now receiving more telemarketing calls than before, which MRIA Executive Director Brendan Wycks said was rooted in the United States.

The most likely reason for this surge in telemarketing activity is the deepening recession, which is causing U.S. telemarketers to look for new business by targeting Canadians, Wycks said. Unfortunately, many of these unscrupulous telemarketers don't care, or are oblivious to the fact that some of the people they are calling with their automated dialing systems are registered on Canada's national do-not-call list.

The survey had a margin of error of 2 percentage points, the report said.