Consumers Can Save Up to 70% on Their Water Bill With SYNLawn’s Artificial Grass Systems

March 16, 2009

ATLANTA, March 16 /PRNewswire/ — In today’s economy, every penny counts. That’s why SYNLawn (www.SYNLawn.com), the definitive authority on synthetic grass, is now helping consumers save up to 70% on their water bill by offering the only total solution-based artificial grass systems in the market.

“Our synthetic grass systems transform a previously high maintenance, costly lawn into an easy to maintain, water-saving show piece,” said George Neagle, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for SYNLawn. “People are enjoying a great looking lawn all year round. They’re helping conserve water while eliminating the hassles of maintenance, grass stains, dirty paws and more.

Consumers eliminate additional expenses with mowing, fertilizing and sprinkler repair along with cost savings that can average hundreds of dollars monthly on watering. Customers typically recoup their investment within four years and tax credits are available in many markets in light of SYNLawn’s significantly positive environmental impact.

“Being a vertically integrated company sets us apart,” continued Neagle. “We are able to integrate product design with our installation expertise to develop solutions based systems for all landscape applications.”

Most Technologically Advanced Systems

SYNLawn helps consumers achieve the greatest cost savings possible by delivering a uniquely customized solution for all of their lawn maintenance needs. They offer the most technologically advanced, efficient systems for landscape, pet, golf and playground applications. The company’s state-of-the-art products, precision installation techniques, creative designs and position as the only vertically integrated manufacturer ensure customers receive the total landscape grass solution they need at the best price and a secure warranty. SYNLawn’s systems include:

  • SYNLawn Landscape System – As the system most specified by landscape architects, this provides a wide variety of selections that result in a custom designed, beautifully manicured lawn that is environmentally friendly and allergen-free. From saving water and money to adding time back to customer’s busy lives and enhancing lifestyle quality, this system guarantees the most realistic appearance and unparalleled performance for synthetic landscape grass.

  • SYNLawn Pet System – Providing pets with a safe, secure surface while eliminating unsightly dead spots, SYNLawn Pet System users don’t have to worry about their lawns. Destructive animals can’t dig, they won’t be exposed to bugs and rodents that inhabit natural grass and those animals who suffer from outdoor allergies will find relief in their synthetic grass backyard.

  • SYNLawn Playground System – Safety is the number one concern with children. With SYNLawn’s patented 100% recycled foam and fastener-free installation techniques, customers receive peace of mind from the highest quality, most advanced safety features for playground surfaces available in the marketplace.

  • SYNLawn Golf System – Marking the first time comprehensive science and research is being applied to synthetic putting green performance, golfers at all skill levels will benefit as Dave Pelz, former NASA physicist and renowned golf short game guru, elevates the SYNLawn Golf System. The system has advanced nylon putting green technology resulting in superior aesthetics and unparalleled golf performance. The true ball roll and unique chipping properties will help improve every aspect of a golfer’s game.

About SYNLawn:

SYNLawn is the definitive authority on synthetic grass, pioneering every major industry innovation since the company’s inception. Their lush, livable products and systems based solutions have literally redefined the ways that artificial grass is being used. SYNLawn is internationally recognized for producing the very best synthetic landscape grass and putting green surfaces available anywhere. Having launched the synthetic landscape grass industry, SYNLawn utilizes its own innovations such as the most advanced nylon technologies, the most realistic aesthetic designs and its industry first use of renewable resources and post consumer waste in it’s Enviroloc(R) backing to produce customized solutions for golf, landscape, pet and playground applications. As the only vertically integrated manufacturer in the synthetic grass business, SYNLawn provides customers with the highest quality, best looking, best performing artificial grass products at a competitive price with the most comprehensive and credible industry warranty. To learn more visit www.SYNLawn.com.


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