CDI and Sunland Asphalt Pave the Way to Efficiency

March 26, 2009

Investing in Efficiency Delivers Big ROI in Less Than Six Months

TEMPE, Ariz., March 26 /PRNewswire/ — Sunland Asphalt knows that competing in today’s market requires bold investments in solutions that improve their operational efficiency. “While we have always embraced technology to facilitate our operations, our new imperative is to maximize efficiency and ROI,” said Mike McWenie, Chief Operating Officer for Sunland.

At the same time that many companies have stopped IT spending, Sunland Asphalt has continued deploying solutions that make them more competitive and green. One of these solutions is a field data collection system that moves data entry into the hands of crew foremen at job sites and automatically synchronizes the data back to headquarters whenever it has an internet connection (usually done in the field via an air card). With automatically executed business rules, the data can be imported into Sunland’s back office systems, eliminating multiple steps of paper pushing, data entry and human decision-making. In addition, Sunland expands on their leadership in asphalt recycling by deploying this green solution that vastly reduces the volume of paper consumed and reduces tire wear and fuel consumption. The system pays for itself in less than six months.

Sunland Asphalt engaged long-time business partner Clear Data Inc., a Chandler-based business technology consulting firm, for guidance on prioritizing the most beneficial solution – both for Sunland efficiency and for the environment – and to design and create it. Currently, Sunland uses the system to capture employee work time – which feeds their payroll system (with digital signature) – equipment time and materials usage at job sites each day. But they already have plans to extend the system to capture field measurements to feed their estimating system and save more time for their sales force.

“Appropriate application of technology can yield very effective solutions that streamline and automate business processes as well as move businesses in a greener direction,” said Russ Mygrant, Clear Data President, “Fierce pursuit of operating efficiency and ROI will be the hallmark of this decade’s business winners.” Clear Data Inc. and Sunland Asphalt will pave the way.

Sunland Asphalt

Sunland Asphalt is celebrating our 30th year of serving the Southwest. At Sunland, our mission is simple, “We do what we say we’ll do when we say we’ll do it.” We are a full service asphalt contractor with headquarters in Tempe, Arizona and offices in Phoenix, Tucson, Bullhead City and Las Vegas, Nevada.

We offer a wide variety of solutions to meet the most demanding projects and environments. Our experience runs from roads and parking lots to specialty surfaces for recreational facilities. With a winning combination of advanced equipment, materials, and expertise, we know how to do the job right … The first time, every time.

Clear Data Inc. Clear Data – Smart Business


Clear Data provides services to improve business performance – backed with a written, guaranteed ROI. We focus on your company’s data, allowing you to leverage technologies and systems to bring your company to a new level of performance – increasing profit through higher revenue and reduced costs. We are unlike other business engineering or IT firms because we do not focus first on what we can do, but rather on what brings you the ROI you desire. Your business success is our focus because our success depends on bringing you value. We help companies achieve these goals through our packaged services:

  • Business Technology Consulting – guidance on the appropriate application of technology for your business
  • Management – of new, prospective, and existing projects and systems to ensure that achieve the target ROI
  • Finance – new, prospective, and existing projects that improve performance
  • Design and Build – systems and solutions that improve coherence and consistency

We can help you through the process of making your company more efficient, even in these economic times, all for little to no up-front cost and all with a guaranteed ROI.

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