March 26, 2009

HESCO Bastion USA Providing ‘Heavy Artillery’ for North Dakota Flood Battle

FARGO, N.D., March 26 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- HESCO Bastion USA technical representatives and National Guard personnel are working around the clock installing HESCO Concertainer Flood Barriers as the Red River continues to rise, threatening dozens of communities in and around the City of Fargo.

Installed in one-tenth of the time it takes to construct traditional sandbag levees, HESCO Bastion USA's innovative Concertainer barriers are an efficient, effective, and proven tool in emergency flood fighting campaigns. In fact, every structure protected by HESCO in the Louisiana region survived Hurricane Katrina. In addition to protecting people and property from the ravages of hurricanes and floodwaters, HESCO Concertainer technology is utilized by coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan to safeguard personnel and military assets from enemy mortar rounds, small-arms fire, and IED's.

"Time is of the essence in emergency situations, which is exactly why HESCO's Concertainer technology is such an effective weapon in protecting communities from the ravages of flood waters," said Stephanie Victory, president of HESCO Bastion USA. "With flood waters expected to reach and exceed record levels in the coming days, the National Guard is rapidly deploying and installing HESCO units on the front lines of the fight to protect these local communities. We're proud to be able to work around the clock with military personnel, city officials, and volunteers to get the job done."

The rising waters in Fargo have the potential to top the historic Red River flood levels of 1997. However, with HESCO's Concertainer units replacing traditional sandbags in many locations, responders are better equipped to manage this emergency. Approximately 10 miles of HESCO Concertainer units have been deployed throughout the Fargo area; roughly 7 miles of HESCO barriers have already been successfully installed in strategic locations along the Red River.

Fast Facts About HESCO:

  • A typical wall of HESCO Concertainer units -- equivalent to approximately 1500 sandbags -- can be erected and installed by two people, using a standard front loader, in just 20 minutes. A similar sandbag wall would take ten workers roughly seven hours to erect.
  • The innovative HESCO Concertainer system consists of linked welded mesh cells lined with geotextile. The units are flat-packed, transported to flood zones on pallets, and erected on-site easily in a matter of minutes. The units are then machine-filled with aggregate (dirt, sand) to form a robust defense wall.
  • HESCO Concertainers were installed to protect a critical I-wall located along the Industrial Canal in New Orleans during Hurricane Gustav. This location was one of the most critical and vulnerable sections of the entire New Orleans flood protection system.
  • HESCO Concertainer units have been widely and successfully used to protect our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Walls built from the units have been used to protect hospitals, guard posts and embassies.