Optosecurity Inc. Announces New Order From Bruce Power, a Leading Player in the Nuclear Industry

April 1, 2009

OptoScreener system to enhance security control with weapon and liquid detection at the Ontario nuclear power plant

QUEBEC CITY, April 1 /PRNewswire/ — Optosecurity Inc., (http://www.optosecurity.com), a company developing breakthrough security products that improve the performance of checkpoint X-ray screening systems, today announced the sale of several units of its unique security system, the OptoScreener, to Bruce Power Generating Station located in Ontario, Canada.

Optosecurity is already successfully deployed in security checkpoints in multiple critical infrastructure sites in Canada and overseas and now includes systems for the nuclear power industry. Bruce Power is proceeding with a multi-unit order of the OptoScreener system, following a successful technology trial at its own facility over several months.

According to Mr. Pat Shields, Security Program Manager at Bruce Power Generating Station, “Bruce Power has always been proactive in seeking to implement innovative security systems and adding capabilities beyond minimum regulatory requirements. The OptoScreener threat detection capabilities, both for weapons and dangerous liquids, are unique and address yet unsolved critical security issues.”

Mr. Eric Bergeron, President and CEO of Optosecurity, is excited about having this new client from the nuclear industry. “We are very proud and thankful to Bruce Power for their trust and initiative within the nuclear industry,” he said. “The endorsement of Optosecurity’s product by such an important member of the nuclear industry, a high profile and highly secure environment, is a great indication of the common concern within the security community about dangerous liquids. We look forward to working closely with Bruce Power to ensure our system contributes to a higher level of security. We are confident that our system will soon become a standard in checkpoint threat detection in the nuclear industry as well as in other markets, including the aviation security industry.”

About Bruce Power

Located in Ontario, the Bruce station is the largest nuclear facility in North America in terms of generated power output and the second largest facility in the world. This, Canada’s first private nuclear generator, houses the Bruce A and B generating stations, which holds a total of 8 CANDU reactors. Six of these reactors are currently operational and combine to produce more than 4,700 megawatts, which is enough to power every fifth hospital, home and school in Ontario with emission-free electricity. http://brucepower.com.

About Optosecurity Inc.

Optosecurity develops the world’s first X-ray checkpoint screening system to automatically detect weapons concealed in bags and personal belongings and to identify liquid threats. An in-line decision support system, the OptoScreener leverages the X-ray installed-base for luggage and parcel screening, empowering security personnel to work more efficiently and consistently to detect and identify potential threats, such as weapons and dangerous liquids. http://www.optosecurity.com.

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