There’s a Face Behind Those Waves of Grain

April 1, 2009

Stone-Buhr’s FindTheFarmer.com Connects Consumers with Farmers

SAN FRANCISCO, April 1 /PRNewswire/ — Farmers market shoppers are familiar with the joys of tasting farm-fresh foods and meeting the local farmers who bring them to market. Increasingly, consumers are seeking out the story behind their food choices, where and how they are made, and by whom – easy with products like fruit, cheese and honey at a farmers market, but until now, pretty hard when speaking about a product such as flour.

An innovative and one-of-a-kind initiative called FindTheFarmer.com launched this month by Stone-Buhr flour will make it possible for the home baker to trace their bag of flour back to the very farm where the wheat has been grown and harvested.

With FindTheFarmer.com, Stone-Buhr has created a user-friendly way for consumers to locate and ‘meet’ the family farmers who produced the flour they have in their homes. By simply typing the product’s “lot code” on the bag into the website, visitors to the site are directed to a map pinpointing the farm’s location. FindTheFarmer.com provides information about the farm where the wheat is grown, along with a forum for consumers to ask questions, get recipe ideas, and learn more about the farming families who grow and harvest the wheat.

“Knowing the farmer who grew the wheat in my bag of flour is the next best thing to growing it myself,” said Amy Pennington, an urban garden expert and food writer in Seattle.

Inspired by Michael Pollan’s book Omnivore’s Dilemma and a passion about how food is grown, Stone-Buhr’s CEO Josh Dorf set out to create an “identity-preserved” certified-sustainable brand of flour that was good for the environment and local farming communities. Dorf has cultivated a unique relationship with wheat farmers in the Northwest to produce the trademark Stone-Buhr sustainable flours and mixes since 2001.

“When you buy local foods like Stone Buhr’s flour from Shepherd’s Grain you are supporting local farmers in your community who use only environmentally-friendly practices that are good for the soil, air and water we all need for our future,” said Scott Exo, director of the Food Alliance, a nonprofit certifier of sustainable foods.

Visit www.findthefarmer.com for more information.

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