April 2, 2009

Bloomberg LP suit includes 80 plaintiffs

A lawsuit charging New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's media firm with pregnancy discrimination includes more than 80 plaintiffs, court records show.

Several of the women involved in the suit claim the harassment reached the point of putting their pregnancies at risk, the New York Post reported Thursday.

Court filings also claim that women who complained about the pregnancy-oriented harassment suffered further retaliation at Bloomberg LP, the mayor's financial reporting firm.

The complaints include reduction in compensation, unfounded criticism of performance, reduction of job opportunities and threats of termination, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said. Others said their supervisors gave them extra work once it was discovered they were pregnant.

Bloomberg LP spokeswoman Judith Czelusniak said the company was extremely confident, it had done nothing wrong.

One of the plaintiffs, Maria Mandalakis, said she twice went into premature labor after her supervisor ignored escalating health problems.

Her lawyer, Richard Roth, called the company's conduct outrageous.

It wholly ignores the sanctity of pregnancy, he said.