April 5, 2009

No contract, AT&T workers stay on job

Unionized U.S. landline workers for AT&T Corp. said Sunday they will continue to work without a contract.

The communications giant and the Communications Workers of America have failed to reach an agreement on a contract to replace the one that expired Saturday, the San Antonio Express-News reported Sunday.

In a statement, the union said issues including job security and healthcare coverage remain unresolved. The union has left open the option of striking.

The contract affects thousands of AT&T workers nationwide.

For now, employees will continue to report to work, although that can change at any time, the union said on its Web site. Workers are keeping their option to strike open. For workers, the terms of the contracts will remain in effect, meaning that wages, working conditions and benefits like healthcare will continue unchanged, with the exception of arbitration for grievances.

AT&T said it remains focused on reaching a fair agreement that keeps the company competitive in the marketplace while preserving wages and benefits for its workers.

The company has asked its workers to pay more for their healthcare costs.