April 10, 2009

Wearable ‘chariot’ provides mobility

The Chariot, a wearable concept vehicle designed for use by amputees, was introduced this week in Virginia by Exmovere Holdings.

The device is described as a self-balancing, hands free vehicle designed to provide amputees and others who have difficulty standing added mobility. The Chariot comes up to the wearer's waist and control is managed through movements of the lower torso and hips.

The size of the Chariot makes it more maneuverable in tight spaces than a wheelchair and it can attain speeds of 12 mph.

Whereas our team was originally focused on designing sensor products that monitored signs of life, the Chariot's sensors are designed to make life more livable, said Exmovere Chief Executive Officer David Bychkov in a release. We especially hope that the Chariot will offer dignity, strength and increased mobility to those who were wounded serving our country.

The vehicle will use Exmovere's propriety vital sign sensors, environmental and ground clearance sensors and include wireless and cellular connectivity, the company said. It also promises unique options for military and law enforcement.

Exmovere Holdings is a biomedical engineering company that specializes in emotion sensing applications for healthcare, homeland security and mobility.