April 11, 2009

Boston Globe mailers facing pay cuts

Union mailers at The Boston Globe are facing possible pay cuts under cost-cutting measures by The New York Times Co., a union official says.

Teamsters Local 1 head Mary White said Times Co. wants $5 million worth of cuts that could lead to Globe mailers losing 25 percent of their wages, along with all holiday and sick pay, the Globe reported Saturday.

The requested givebacks, which would also end company pension payments and significant healthcare plan cuts, are part of $20 million in concessions Times Co. is seeking from its 13 unions.

Globe mailers prepare newspapers for delivery along with inserting editorial and advertising sections into the publications.

White said the proposed cuts are simply overwhelming, despite the fact Times Co. has threatened to close the Globe if an agreement cannot be reached.

We've always given. We've tried to help keep the newspaper afloat, said White, whose union represents nearly 250 full- and part-time mailers. But this is just overwhelming.

The Globe is expected to lose $85 million this year in the wake of $50 million in total losses in 2008.