April 14, 2009

New York adds interest to Trump’s bill

New York State officials said developer Donald Trump would be charged interest on unpaid rent for Jones Beach property designated for a stalled project.

The state has said Trump owes $207,000 in rent that was due last June. This month, New York's Director of Concessions Management Bureau Harold Hagemann Jr. gave the developer notice that his intentional failure to pay the bill would be assessed a 4 percent interest charge, Newsday reported Tuesday.

Representing Trump, attorney Steven Schlesinger said the threatening letter was a feeble attempt containing made up facts, improper subject matter and, in my book, the Department of Parks can stick it in their ear.

The argument is an extension of a dispute over Trump's original design for a building for the site. The state blocked the original design, but Trump subsequently sued the state and won his case.

The state is appealing that case but said the rental payments were begun before the disagreements developed and should continue.