EMA BlueTraker(R) LRIT System is Certified for Operation on Iridium Satellite Network

April 16, 2009

CELJE, Slovenia and BETHESDA, Md., April 16 /PRNewswire/ — Iridium Satellite announced today that it has certified the EMA Group’s BlueTraker(R) Long-Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) ship terminal to provide LRIT services over the Iridium satellite network. EMA is an Iridium Value-Added Reseller and Value-Added Manufacturer.

The Iridium certification parallels the flag state approvals currently underway, ensuring that the EMA BlueTraker system adheres to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Resolution MSC.263(84), which establishes performance standards for LRIT shipboard systems. BlueTraker LRIT terminals are provided by Pole Star Space Applications Limited, a leading U.K.-based Application Service Provider, as well as other EMA distributors worldwide. BlueTraker was also recently awarded type approval by the German classification society, Germanischer Lloyd.

“We are pleased to welcome EMA to our growing number of partners that Iridium has approved to offer LRIT services through the Iridium network,” said Greg Ewert, executive vice president, Global Distribution Channels, Iridium. “The BlueTraker system leverages our unique value proposition of truly global coverage, high network quality and low-latency two-way data links to provide a robust and reliable LRIT solution for ship owners to meet the new IMO carriage requirements.”

“It’s significant that Iridium is the only LRIT Communication Service Provider with coverage over all the world’s navigable waters, including IMO Sea Area A4, which encompasses Polar waters above 70 degrees latitude,” added Ewert. “This means vessels sailing in those regions can only meet the IMO carriage requirement with an Iridium-approved LRIT device.”

As part of a Canadian coast guard-funded project, Pole Star is currently installing aboard three Canadian coast guard vessels, a suite of tracking equipment utilizing different terminals and satellite services, including the BlueTraker LRIT terminal. The three vessels will be navigating Arctic waters during the coming season, and as part of the project the performance of each terminal will be analyzed and mapped. Upon completion, the Canadian coast guard will officially report the project results to the IMO and at various Arctic meetings and symposia.

EMA also provides the BlueTraker LRIT transponder with an optional Arctic kit. Designed specifically for ships operating in severe cold and in Sea Area A4, the kit enables reliable performance at temperatures down to minus 50 degrees Celsius and is certified by Intertek of Finland for Arctic operation.

“BlueTraker provides the most robust, comprehensive and economic solution for worldwide LRIT reporting,” said Zlatko Mastnak, CEO, EMA. “We also offer extensive capabilities for fleet management and monitoring beyond the minimum IMO performance standards, helping ship owners achieve more efficient operations for their ships at sea. We are proud to partner with Iridium on this effort.”

About Iridium Satellite LLC

Iridium Satellite LLC (www.iridium.com) is the only mobile satellite service (MSS) company offering coverage over the entire globe. The Iridium constellation of low-earth orbiting (LEO), cross-linked satellites provides critical voice and data services for areas not served by terrestrial communication networks. Iridium’s subscriber growth has been driven by increasing demand for reliable, global communications. Iridium serves commercial markets through a worldwide network of hundreds of distributors, and provides services to the U.S. Department of Defense, and other U.S. and international government agencies. The company’s customers represent a broad spectrum of industry, including maritime, aeronautical, government/defense, public safety, utilities, oil/gas, mining, forestry, heavy equipment and transportation. Iridium has launched a major development program for its next-generation satellite constellation, Iridium NEXT, which will result in continued and new Iridium MSS offerings. The company is headquartered in Bethesda, Md. and is currently privately held.

About EMA Group

EMA Group (www.bluetraker.com) consists of three companies based in Central Europe and operating through a worldwide network of distributors. During the last 19 years, EMA has become the leading marking, coding and traceability specialist in Europe. In 2004, EMA created a new division to develop its telematics and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication systems. This expansion led to a new range of solutions for intelligent transport systems and innovative maritime systems introducing hybrid communication design to charter fleet tracking and fisheries vessel monitoring systems (VMS). EMA develops solutions for a broad range of industry as well as service providers, technology providers and system integrators. The BlueTraker(R) range of products and systems offers global tracking, monitoring and surveillance of vessels of all sorts at low investment and for a modest air-time cost.

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