1-800-Radiator(R) Announces Full Line Support for GM and Chrysler for the Next Ten Years

April 16, 2009

BENICIA, Calif., April 16 /PRNewswire/ — 1-800-Radiator today announced it has concluded arrangements with original equipment and aftermarket suppliers to carry the full line of cooling and air conditioning parts to supply markets in the wake of closures of GM and Chrysler dealerships nationwide.

The New York Times reported today that Saturn has gone from 420 stores to 375 stores since the beginning of this year, and there is no longer any Saturn dealer support in Kansas City, Mo, Corpus Christi, Tex., and 45 other cities across the United States. 1-800-Radiator has put on an accelerated stocking model to cover each of these markets for Saturn and GM parts by the end of April – fifteen days from now.

1-800-Radiator is also working closely with Ford’s original equipment supplier, Visteon, to have a full line of Ford air conditioning and cooling parts in stock in all U.S. markets within the next 45 days.

1-800-Radiator has locations in all 268 major U.S. markets, and can usually deliver parts in two to three hours. In addition to covering all the import parts, 1-800-Radiator now will carry the full line of Ford, GM and Chrysler cooling and air conditioning parts. These include radiators, AC condensers, fan assemblies, compressors, dryers, evaporators, and heaters.

All 1-800-Radiator parts come with a lifetime guarantee and a labor warranty. All parts will be available in either an original equipment version or a less expensive aftermarket version. All parts are brand new. No parts are recycled or remanufactured.

About 1-800-Radiator

1-800-Radiator is the largest independent parts distributor in the nation. The company continues to increase market share through added product lines and acquisitions. The 1-800-Radiator business model provides retail and wholesale customers with radiators delivered to their doorstep in a matter of hours at competitive pricing. To its franchisees, 1-800-Radiator provides state-of-the-art software technology, along with 24-7 support. For more information about the company or available franchises for sale, go to: http://www.1800radiator.com.

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