April 20, 2009

Perfect beach, pool phone coming

What anyone at the beach or lounging around the pool might want -- a solar-powered, waterproof cell phone -- is coming to Japan soon, KDDI Corp. said Monday.

The Japanese telecommunications company said it will begin selling the handsets in June, Kyodo news service reported.

PCMag.com reported KDDI is collaborating with Sharp Corp. to introduce the Japanese electronic company's cell phone, which is part of its environmentally friendly Green Road Project.

The Web site says Sharp is the first to market with a cell phone that is both waterproof and solar-powered, but notes LG, Samsung and Intivation have solar-powered units.

The Sharp-KDDI version has the solar charger embedded in its lid. It takes about 10 minutes to generate enough charge for a minute of talk time and a couple of hours on standby, PCMag.com said.

PC World notes the phones are only being released in Japan for now and there is no word on when they will hit the United States.