April 27, 2009

Corn planting catching up to average

The U.S. Agriculture Department said corn planting was catching up after a slow start, with 22 percent of the acreage now holding seed in the ground.

The historic average for acreage planted by this week of the year is 28 percent. Wet weather has cleared, however, giving farmers time in the fields after a slow early spring.

Soybean planting, which generally follows corn with its shorter growing season, has just begun. Three percent of the expected soybean acreage now has seed in the ground.

Winter wheat that has headed out is at 21 percent against a five-year average of 23 percent for this time of year. Spring wheat is 15 percent planted, against an average of 36 percent for this week. Oats are 61 percent planted, close to the historic average, and 37 percent emerged against an historic average of 40 percent.