InteliBiz Business Solutions, Inc. Developed Radio Isotope Identification Software for Occupational Services, Inc. (OSI)

April 28, 2009

SAN DIEGO, April 28 /PRNewswire/ – Today, InteliBiz announced the completion and delivery of computer software that converts data from gamma ray detectors into visual spectrums useful for identifying and measuring radioactive substances.

The process is based on Gamma Spectroscopy, “Which is not a new technology,” said Bill Edmett, CEO of InteliBiz, “but this software is an economical approach, which provides a relatively quick and inexpensive means of reporting on the presence of radioactive isotopes, or radio nuclides. It saves time and money.”

The basic components of Gamma Spectroscopy include first, a gamma ray detector that can estimate the rate and energy of gamma ray emissions; second, an electronic analyzer that sorts the gamma rays into rates and energies and finally, software that generates a visual graph, a spectrum, that is meaningful to the trained eye. The final software component is what InteliBiz developed for the San Diego based OSI.

About InteliBiz Business Solutions, Inc. (InteliBiz)

InteliBiz develops custom business software, specializing in Business Intelligence and Decision Support. InteliBiz is focused on finding or developing the most economical software solutions for businesses. Visit www.InteliBiz.net for case studies and more information.

About Occupational Services, Inc. (OSI)

Occupational Services, Inc. is a San Diego based professional consulting firm providing services in the areas of environmental compliance, occupational health and safety, radiation safety, and industrial hygiene. OSI specializes in supporting the region’s biotechnology firms. OSI’s comprehensive technical services include: Outsourcing, Hazardous Materials Business Plans and Medical Waste Management Plans. Visit www.occserv.com for case studies and more information

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