New International Bridge to be Boon for South Texas

April 30, 2009

MISSION, Texas, April 30 /PRNewswire/ — Economic bright spots can be few and far between right now, but the city of Mission sees financial opportunity in the Anzalduas International Bridge, which will be the newest and one of the largest international bridges in the United States.

Construction on the Anzalduas Bridge is nearing completion, with officials saying operations will begin as soon as October. The bridge will directly connect Mission with Reynosa, Tamaulipas, a Mexican city known for manufacturing as well as importing and exporting goods.

Infrastructure Improvements

Hidalgo County is already planning on the traffic surge that will be going through the Rio Grande Valley. Funds from the federal economic stimulus package, Texas Department of Transportation and Hidalgo County Metropolitan Planning Organization will be used to remove bottlenecks in key areas, ensuring traffic will run smoothly once the bridge opens.

“We’re building the projects that are vital to the movement of traffic,” said Pat Townsend Jr., CEO of the Mission Economic Development Authority.

Millions of dollars are earmarked to widen streets and complete a roadway reconstruction project before the bridge opens.

Mighty Maquiladoras

Reynosa has emerged as one of Mexico’s most important cities. There are more than 500 maquiladoras in the state, offering a wide variety of services, including the most sophisticated manufacturing operations.

BSN Medical is the latest company to announce plans to relocate its orthopedic plant to Reynosa, bringing 163 new jobs.

“This is a very unique international area. Communities on both sides of the border have been very cooperative in recent years in helping to make South Texas economy strong and secure,” said Townsend Jr.

Trade Beyond Borders

While other areas have struggled maintaining sales tax revenue, most areas in the Rio Grande Valley have stayed surprisingly stable. The United States’ neighbor to the south likely has a lot to do with that.

Mexican nationals are reported to spend three times more than the average American shopper – a huge boost for any city’s coffers.

The Anzalduas Bridge will make it easier for those Mexican tourists to come to Mission, especially those from nearby Reynosa.

With so much growth and activity in the area, it’s no wonder the McAllen-Mission MSA was just ranked among the top 20 cities for job growth by Forbes.

    Daniel Silva
    Mission Economic Development Authority

SOURCE Mission Economic Development Authority

Source: newswire

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