New Greenweb, ‘How Green Is My Town?’ is a One-Stop Checklist, Toolbox, Buyers’ Guide and Rating System for Everytown, USA

May 5, 2009

PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y., May 5 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Grassroots Environmental Education, a New York-based non-profit today announces the launch of a new comprehensive, science-based greenweb, “HowGreenIsMyTown.org.

Created by Doug and Patti Wood, the 200-plus page online initiative draws together resources from government agencies and non-profits across America to address the issues of climate change, sustainability and environmental health in one user-friendly site. It’s designed to give local citizens and decision makers the tools they need to bring about meaningful and lasting change. As part of the national launch, Grassroots has issued a 10-Point “Green Town Challenge” to help people test the “greenness” of their towns.

Two years in the making, HowGreenIsMyTown.org is a multi-faceted program:

It’s a Checklist: 142 key attributes include separate criteria for local governments, school systems and business communities. Some of the questions may surprise you.

It’s a Toolbox: Ready-to-go policy solutions, program ideas and links to the most innovative, cost-effective and award-winning solutions from non-profits and government agencies that have found their “piece of the puzzle,” plus a gallery of creative advocacy posters any organization can use!

It’s a Buyers’ Guide: Unique “Green Links” contain hundreds of carefully screened companies offering truly green solutions. Finally, a “No Greenwash Zone” for products and services.

It’s a Rating System: Using the program’s extensive criteria, colleges and universities across the country are partnering with Grassroots to evaluate the towns in their counties.

“We’re bringing people, places and the green economy together in a way that’s really never been done before,” says Patti Wood, Executive Director of Grassroots and co-creator of the program. “You can’t fully consider the issue of climate change without quickly realizing that the burning of fossil fuels also plays a role in the growing rates of chronic disease in people, or that the petrochemicals used to kill weeds or get clothes clean are also contaminating our water, poisoning our wildlife and adding to the cancer risk in humans.”

The Green Town Challenge gives people a quick snapshot of how their town weighs in on the green scale. The Challenge addresses not only traditional environmental issues such as the recycling of “e-waste,” (computers and other electronics) but also emerging issues such as “no-idling” policies for vehicles at schools (green!) or the use of polystyrene cups and food containers by local businesses (definitely not green!).

The eight colorful advocacy posters included on the site are designed to help bolster the efforts of local environmental groups working on issues such as pesticides, water and tree conservation, alternative energy and waste stream reduction. The posters are available with space for local groups to include their own logo.

Plans for integrating Rating Programs into existing environmental studies programs at colleges and universities are currently being developed at more than a dozen institutions in several states. A short video about the program and rating opportunities is available on the web.

About Grassroots:

Grassroots Environmental Education is a NY-based not-for-profit organization founded by Patti and Doug Wood. Grassroots is dedicated to educating the public about environmental toxins and their impact on human health, and empowering individuals to act as catalysts for positive change in their own communities.

The “Green Town Challenge”

How Does Your Town Measure Up?

___ Does your town recycle e-waste?

___ Does your town offer preferred parking for electric vehicles?

___ Does your town provide special incentives for “green” building projects?

___ Does your town operate a municipal composting facility?

___ Do your schools have a “No-Idling” policy for school buses?

___ Do your schools prohibit the use of anti-bacterial soap?

___ Do your schools maintain playing fields without turf pesticides?

___ Do restaurants in your town use polystyrene cups or food containers?

___ Do retailers in your town help recycle the products they sell?

___ Does your town have a farmers’ market?

Not sure of the answers? You’re probably not alone.

These are just ten of the more than 140 questions (and answers) you’ll find at HowGreenIsMyTown.org. Log on today!

SOURCE Grassroots Environmental Education

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