TMK IPSCO and GB Tubulars Enter Into License Agreement for Drilling With Casing Connections

May 6, 2009

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill., May 6 /PRNewswire/ — TMK IPSCO and GB Tubulars, LLP announced today that they have entered into an agreement, granting TMK IPSCO’s Catoosa, Oklahoma finishing mill an exclusive license to make and sell welded tubular products utilizing GB Tubulars’ “Coupling for Drilling-with-Casing Operations” patent (U.S. patent 7,347,459).

Through this new association, GB Tubulars’ Drilling-with-Casing Connections are now available as a mill-finished product from GB Tubulars or from any TMK IPSCO Distributor. Other TMK IPSCO facilities, in addition to the Catoosa mill, will soon be added to the list of facilities that are qualified and approved to finish casing with GB Connections.

TMK IPSCO believes customers will benefit from the economies of a mill-finished solution for these enhanced performance, semi-premium connections.

GB Tubulars, founded in 1980, is an established OCTG distributor with several proprietary casing connection designs. In 2005, GB designed a line of specialty connections for Drilling-with-Casing operations. These new connections have been widely used for rotating casing to achieve target and for Drilling-with-Casing/Drilling-with-Liner operations.

TMK IPSCO operates in North America as a division of TMK, the largest pipe producer in Russia and one of the three global market leaders. TMK IPSCO is a leading producer of energy tubulars. It operates one steel mill and nine pipe mills and product finishing facilities in seven states across the United States. TMK IPSCO’s pipe mills produce a wide range of seamless and welded energy tubular products including oil & gas well casing and tubing, line pipe, drill pipe, standard pipe and hollow structural sections. TMK IPSCO also manufactures, at two plants in Texas, premium connections for oil and natural gas drilling and production under the ULTRA brand name.


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