Natural Wastewater Treatment, Living Machine(R) System, Featured in Atrium of South Florida Office Building

May 6, 2009

– EcoCentre, the Living Building, in South Florida uses an ecological wastewater treatment system to naturally recycle and save 200,000 gallons of water a year

– The Living Machine(R) system can help South Floridare-use water, putting less strain on the water supply and easing shortages –

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., May 6 /PRNewswire/ — Next month marks the one-year anniversary of the EcoCentre, the first-of-its-kind, true “living building” in Lake Worth, Fla., that acts as its own self-sustaining ecosystem. The EcoCentre, home to the Romano Law Group’s trial law practice, features Worrell Water Technologies’ Living Machine(R) system in its atrium, a proprietary ecological wastewater treatment system that served as inspiration for the building’s design and now saves the building about 200,000 gallons of water a year.

One year later, that inspiration is paying off. “Of the building’s 82 environmental features, the Living Machine(R) system serves as the greatest attraction for the more than 25 tours that are conducted in our building each week,” said Senior Partner John F. Romano, Romano Law Group and visionary/owner of the EcoCentre, The Living Building.

“The Living Machine(R) system is not your average wastewater treatment system. It’s actually quite beautiful and creates quality freshwater without chemicals, odor or offensive by-products. That’s why it can reside in the atrium of an office building, only taking up 150 square feet,” said Tom Worrell, Chairman of Worrell Water Technologies.

“We essentially take the best of Mother Nature and marry it with our patented technology to create a ‘turbo charged’ wetland system,” said William Kirksey, Senior Vice President, Worrell Water Technologies. “The Living Machine(R) system at the EcoCentre is part of an integrated system of conserving water and reusing it for beautiful, lush greenery, waterfalls and even fish ponds.”

The Living Machine(R) system in the EcoCentre treats gray water from the building’s sinks and showers, producing high quality, recycled water clean enough for exterior irrigation. In addition, rain water is collected in an 8000 gallon cistern on the roof and recycled for lavatory flushing.

South Florida, like many U.S. cities, is facing critical water shortages. According to the South Florida Water Management District, the 2008-2009 South Florida dry season has become the third driest on record since 1932. Latest reports show the region received less than 30 percent of normal rainfall this past winter. As a result, estuaries at the mouths of rivers are becoming too salty and bodies of water, such as the Everglades marshes, are evaporating.

“Water is not an infinite resource. We’re especially seeing that in South Florida,” said Romano. “It is essential that we do our part to try to preserve the water we do have by re-using it in a smart, environmentally friendly way. Municipalities and public utilities, as well as individual buildings and communities, can use the Living Machine(R) system to re-use water, putting less strain on the water supply and easing shortages.”

How does the Living Machine(R) system work?

The Living Machine(R) engineered tidal wetland system combines the compact footprint of traditional wastewater treatment technologies with the energy efficiency of conventional constructed wetlands. Wastewater is collected in a variety of ways and sent through a series of basins that are filled with special gravel. As the water rises and falls in the basins, much like one sees in a tidal wetland, oxygen and an ecosystem of vegetation and natural microorganisms cleanses it, naturally. The treated water may then be recycled for purposes such as landscape irrigation, toilet flushing, industrial processes, washing equipment or animal areas, landscape water features (e.g. fish ponds, waterfalls) and other uses.

About Worrell Water Technologies

Worrell Water Technologies provides ecological wastewater treatment and water purification technologies. The company has spent more than 15 years in research and development to provide the means to recycle, purify and replenish our most essential natural resource – water. Worrell Water’s flagship products include the Living Machine(R) system, a proven ecological wastewater treatment system, and HydroSecure(TM), the only water purification system developed in partnership with the US Department of Defense, Department of State, and Secret Service, that provides the ultimate level of control, safety and security for households and commercial buildings. Headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, Worrell Water has a portfolio of proprietary intellectual property and a diverse professional, engineering and research staff. For customer case studies, fact sheets and photos of the company’s products visit www.livingmachines.com.


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