A Canada-wide sustainability framework is vital to securing the future of our groundwater, advises an expert panel

May 11, 2009

OTTAWA, May 11 /PRNewswire/ – A 15-member expert panel, appointed by the Council of Canadian Academies, has concluded that a Canada-wide sustainability framework is required to improve the management and understanding of Canada’s groundwater. Without such a framework, Canada’s groundwater is at risk of contamination and depletion.

“A nationally adopted framework, involving provincial, territorial and federal cooperation, is needed to build the scientific knowledge and improve management and governance, in the face of increasing demands, climate change, and other threats,” explains James Bruce, Chair of the Expert Panel on Groundwater. “Our governments are also being asked to report on the current state of quality and quantity of groundwater and to periodically update progress towards improvements to ensure sustainability of this vital resource.”

“The panel’s work and expertise were extremely valuable; they have provided Canadians and policy makers with a comprehensive assessment of the science that is relevant to facilitate sustainable management of our groundwater,” says Dr. Peter Nicholson, President of the Council of Canadian Academies. “It is becoming increasingly apparent that groundwater is a precious resource that must be managed wisely.”

The panel’s report, requested by Natural Resources Canada, is in response to the question ‘From a science perspective, what is needed to achieve sustainable management of Canada’s groundwater resources?’

The panel was comprised of leaders in the science of groundwater, as well as experts in the social, economic and legal aspects relevant to sustainable groundwater management. Of great assistance to the panel were a number of submissions from authorities across Canada in response to a public “Call for Evidence” asking what is needed to achieve sustainable management of Canada’s groundwater? In addition, valuable advice was contributed by the group of eighteen expert reviewers that were appointed by the Council.

A copy of the full report is available for download in both official languages on the Council’s website,


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