‘Dial Up’ the Heat Against Summer Stains

May 12, 2009

Clorox’s Dr. Laundry Offers Stain Expertise via Free Stain Hotline and Blog

OAKLAND, Calif., May 12 /PRNewswire/ — From backyard barbeques to block parties to baseball games, messes and spills are just part of summer fun. But if a stain on your favorite top or shorts should threaten to turn your sunny skies stormy, Clorox has the solution – Dr. Laundry’s Summer Stain Hotline, 1-877-STAIN-411.

With over thirty years of stain-fighting experience, Dr. Laundry (a.k.a. Harold Baker, an Associate Research Fellow at The Clorox Company) offers consumers advice on how to treat various summertime stains, including BBQ sauce, sunscreen, ice cream and grass stains.

To access the hotline, consumers simply dial 1-877-STAIN-411, and select from a lineup of frequent warm weather stain culprits to be guided by Dr. Laundry through the proper course of treatment.

Stain sufferers can also visit Dr. Laundry’s online blog, www.drlaundryblog.com, for laundry advice, including an online video that highlights instructions to remove popular warm-weather soils. With additional instructional videos, blog posts and the opportunity to e-mail Dr. Laundry, consumers will find everything they need to say hello to summer – and goodbye to stains.

Dr. Laundry’s Tip on Tackling “Juicy” Summer Stains

Got berry juice on your favorite white shirt?

  1. Apply Clorox(R) Bleach Pen(R) Gel to the stained area immediately before laundering.
  2. Wash immediately in the hottest water recommended on the fabric car label using detergent and 3/4 cup Clorox(R) Regular-Bleach.
  3. Remember to always inspect the item before drying and repeat the previous steps if necessary until the stain is gone.

About Clorox(R) Regular-Bleach

Clorox(R) bleach is a solution of sodium hypochlorite, which breaks down primarily into salt and water after use. There is no free chlorine in any Clorox(R) bleach product. Clorox(R) Regular-Bleach is effective in whitening laundry whites and disinfecting surfaces around the home. In fact, bleach is the most widely available and affordable disinfectant on Earth. Since it was introduced in 1913, Clorox(R) Regular-Bleach has been used in places where killing germs is critical: in hospitals, nursing homes, child-care centers and schools. In fact, when the first Apollo flights were heading into space, NASA used Clorox(R) Regular-Bleach to decontaminate the capsules returning from orbit. Disinfecting household surfaces with Clorox(R) Regular-Bleach is still very important today since it kills germs that can make people sick, including Salmonella, E.coli and other germs of increasing concern like MRSA and H1N1.

About The Clorox Company

The Clorox Company is a leading manufacturer and marketer of consumer products with fiscal year 2008 revenues of $5.3 billion. Clorox markets some of consumers’ most trusted and recognized brand names, including its namesake bleach and cleaning products, Green Works(TM) natural cleaners, Armor All(R) and STP(R) auto-care products, Fresh Step(R) and Scoop Away(R) cat litter, Kingsford(R) charcoal, Hidden Valley(R) and K C Masterpiece(R) dressings and sauces, Brita(R) water-filtration systems, Glad(R) bags, wraps and containers, and Burt’s Bees(R) natural personal care products. With 8,300 employees worldwide, the company manufactures products in more than two dozen countries and markets them in more than 100 countries. Clorox is committed to making a positive difference in the communities where its employees work and live. Founded in 1980, The Clorox Company Foundation has awarded cash grants totaling more than $73.9 million to nonprofit organizations, schools and colleges. In fiscal 2008 alone, the foundation awarded $4.2 million in cash grants, and Clorox made product donations valued at $10.2 million. For more information about Clorox, visit http://www.thecloroxcompany.com/.

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