Bugs May Be Small, but They Leave a Large Impact on Windshields

May 14, 2009

DANBURY, Conn., May 14 /PRNewswire/ — With warmer weather, bugs across the country are on the rise. From “lovebugs” in the south to midges, mayflies and mosquitoes in the north, insects swarm the roadways. Many will meet an untimely death on vehicle windshields this summer, leaving drivers with a mess that typical blue washer fluids can’t remove.

“Most bugs are small, but they can travel in swarms which can make a large impact on your windshield,” said splatologist Mark Hostetler, nationally recognized “Bug Doctor” and author of That Gunk on Your Car: A Unique Guide to Insects of North America. “As the temperature rises, so does the number of insects near the roadways. They are so numerous that many are traversing roads and ending up on our windshields.”

According to Hostetler, carbohydrates found in insect parts and bird droppings cause biological deposits to stick to windshields on impact, creating large splats that can impair driver visibility. In addition, if some splats are not removed relatively quickly, a vehicle’s paint can be “eaten” by the splat’s acidity.

Prestone, the maker of Bug Wash(R) windshield washer fluid, has partnered with Hostetler to educate people about splats on their windshield and the best way to remove the gunk left behind.

“Bugs are interesting creatures, and you can tell a lot about them from the splat they leave on your windshield. For example, examine the color of the splat. If it has a bit of red in it, then it’s from a female bug – they’re the only ones that bite and draw blood,” said Hostetler. “For as interesting as they are, however, at some point we’ve still got to get them off the windshield.” Bug Wash is formulated to penetrate, break down and emulsify deposits so that they are more easily removed from the windshield by the washer fluid and wipers.

For more information about bug splats and Prestone(R) Bug Wash(R) windshield washer fluid, consumers can log on to www.prestone.com, or they can test their skills fighting bugs at www.BuzzKill.com. In addition, consumers visiting www.BuzzKill.com can enter to win an iPod(R) Nano and receive rebates for free music downloads.

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