Barbeques Galore Introduces New Green Grilling Technology

May 14, 2009

New grilling system uses infrared heat for eco-friendly outdoor cooking.

SAN DIEGO, May 14 /PRNewswire/ – Barbeques Galore, a division of Grand Home Holding, Inc. and a leading manufacturer and retailer of grills and grilling accessories introduces Crossray(R), a cutting edge “green” grilling technology that exceeds industry standards. Crossray uses infrared heat to cook food more evenly and in less time while using up to 50% less gas and decreasing smoke emissions by up to 80%. Using fewer resources while cooking faster makes Crossray(R) the industry’s most efficient outdoor grilling system.

Crossray is designed with infrared panels laterally mounted within the bowl assembly. Traditional gas grilling systems have hot spots and cool spots. Crossray creates even heat over the entire cooking surface, so no matter where you position your food, you’re cooking in the same temperature zone. Even heat penetrates food and cooks it from the inside out while retaining flavors and juices.

The angled infrared panels in a Crossray grill are positioned on the side of the grill box which virtually eliminates flare-ups. Fewer flare-ups allow for better tasting food that is less likely to be charred on the outside.

“We are incredibly proud to have developed the most revolutionary grilling system to reach the market in nearly fifteen years,” said Jeffery Sears, CEO for Barbeques Galore. “Our in-house engineers have spent a lot of time and effort to make Crossray a superior cooking technology that is also good for the environment.”

Renowned Chef Neil Perry has been using Crossray for over a year in Australia and said, “It is amazing how the temperature is so even over the whole grill, the heat is not affected by loading up, and most importantly- no flare ups and burning.”

Crossray comes in a variety of grill styles ranging in size, color and capacity and is available exclusively at Barbeques Galore in the United States. Crossray grills include the T-Grill, DS-Grill, Odeon and X-Series, the world’s most luxurious grill designed and engineered by Porsche Design Studio. Crossray also comes in our classic stainless steel 38″ Grand Turbo or 32″ Odeon built-in model. Prices for Crossray grills range from $999 to $8488.

About Barbeques Galore

Barbeques Galore, a division of Grand Home Holding, Inc. has been a retail destination for high-end grilling and outdoor products since 1980. Stores in California, Arizona and Texas carry a wide variety of accessories and are staffed with trained experts in all areas of outdoor cooking and entertainment. Barbeques Galore designs and manufactures innovative products such as Crossray(R) infrared grilling systems along with its signature line of Turbo grills. Crossray(R) technology is available in the T-Grill, DS-Grill, Odeon, Turbo and X-Series by Porsche Design Studio. Other grills made by Barbeques Galore include Bar-B-Chef, Capt’n Cook, and Cook-On. Barbeques Galore also carries a complete line of high-end products like Weber, Lynx and Big Green Egg Smokers. www.bbqgalore.com

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