Himfr.com Reports Pig Prices Drop

May 15, 2009

BEIJING, May 15 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Himfr.com
(http://www.himfr.com/Agriculture.html ), one of China’s leading B2B search
platforms with more than 30 B2B industry websites to its name, reports that
pig prices drop.

By the financial crisis and the impact of supply and demand, this year,
the price of pigs has fallen substantially; since March the drop in price of
pigs is particularly evident. At present, the average market price of pigs is
9.24 yuan/kg, down 42.6 percent; piglet price is 18.08 yuan/kg, down 62
percent, and pig farming has been in the profit or loss status.

Recently, Himfr.com was informed that this year, pig industry experienced
fluctuations. According to statistics, at the end of first quarter of this
year, pig stock was 17,677,000 head, an increase of 26.3 percent, which
declined 1.1 percent in the beginning of this year. At the same time pig and
piglet prices are falling, there is a continuing decline in breeding
efficiency. At present, farmers breed pigs close to a break-even point,
basically no profit margins, and outsourcing has been losing money; piglets in
some areas have been appear unsellable. Therefore, some farmers worry about
the price of pigs continuing to decline.

According to analysis, the current pig production fluctuations are mainly
impacted by macro-economic conditions, due to the spending power of the market
decline, and poor circulation of pigs leads to decrease in the volume.

To this end, Himfr’s market analyst thinks that, the swinery structure
should be adjusted as soon as possible to control the proportion of sows.
Feeding and management should be strengthened, and efforts scaled, and farm
development standardized in order to reduce production costs and increase
economic efficiency.

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