Proton Energy Systems Announces New Partnership

May 20, 2009

Proton Energy and The Abraham Group team up to bring advanced onsite hydrogen technologies to energy markets worldwide

WALLINGFORD, Conn., May 20 /PRNewswire/ — Global hydrogen energy leader Proton Energy Systems announced today a newly formed partnership with The Abraham Group. The cooperative agreement became effective as of March 1, 2009.

The Abraham Group, an international strategic consulting firm based in Washington D.C., will work with Proton Energy to expand Proton’s reach to additional Middle East and North American commercial sales territories. The Abraham Group brings extensive experience and contacts in the energy industry which can benefit from Proton Energy’s advanced onsite hydrogen technologies.

“Proton Energy is committed to bringing the latest and most innovative hydrogen technologies to our partners throughout the globe, and we are excited to work with The Abraham Group,” said Robert Friedland, President and Chief Executive Officer of Proton Energy Systems. “Our onsite HOGEN hydrogen generating systems produce hydrogen that is higher in purity, more reliable and safer for today’s power plants while our StableFlow hydrogen control system improves the operating efficiency of the power generator reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Together, Proton and The Abraham Group hope to share this compelling value proposition with additional partners in North America and the Middle East.”

Proton Energy is the world’s leading supplier of onsite hydrogen generators utilizing PEM (proton exchange membrane) technology, which creates high purity hydrogen from de-mineralized water and electricity. Proton’s HOGEN hydrogen generating systems employ state-of-the-art solid polymer electrolyte technology that extends the life, improves efficiency and reliability of onsite hydrogen generators, while also reducing the risk of injury to personnel and property damage caused by chemical exposure as is typical with traditional hydrogen generation technologies.

“The Abraham Group is an expert in the global energy sector and we are thrilled to work with Proton Energy Systems, a tested and reliable international energy leader,” said Secretary Spencer Abraham, Chairman and CEO of The Abraham Group.

The partnership with The Abraham Group is the latest of several contracts and partnerships Proton Energy has secured in recent months in the power industry, demonstrating its commitment to remaining a strong player in the market. Proton Energy’s commitment to innovation has also been recognized with several recent Department of Defense projects, developing Regenerative Fuel Cell Systems for backup power and creating advanced fueling systems capable of sustaining a military fleet of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

About Proton Energy Systems

Proton Energy Systems designs and manufactures proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrochemical systems to make hydrogen from water in a zero pollution process producing safe, pure, reliable onsite hydrogen to meet today’s global hydrogen requirements. Proton Energy Systems has been developing and manufacturing world-class electrolysis systems since 1996, with more than 1200 units deployed world-wide, on every continent. With a reputation for building robust, reliable, and safe systems, federal, state, and commercial partners repeatedly seek the creative solutions that Proton Energy Systems has proven it is capable of delivering. For more information, visit www.ProtonEnergy.com.

About The Abraham Group

The Abraham Group is an international strategic consulting firm headed by former Energy Secretary and U.S. Senator, Spencer Abraham. In addition to Secretary Abraham, the firm’s other Principals are: Joseph McMonigle, former Chief of Staff at the U.S. Department of Energy and Vice Chairman of the International Energy Agency; and Majida Mourad, former Senior Advisor at the U.S. Department of Energy working on international affairs. Each of the firm’s Principals has extensive experience working at senior levels in Congress, the Executive Branch and international affairs.

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