May 28, 2009

Japan to vote on supplemental budget

Ruling and opposition parties in Japan agreed to a record $144 billion supplemental budget that will go to a parliamentary vote.

Although the spending measure is likely to lose in the upper house, approval in the House of Representatives will carry the measure, as that vote would trump the vote in the House of Councilors -- the upper house -- Kyodo news reported Thursday.

The vote is expected Friday.

Also on the agenda for Friday, representatives will vote on establishing a consumer affairs agency, a measure expected to pass.

Acting Democratic Party of Japan President Naoto Kan told reporters the two bills would end session for the House of Representatives, leaving Prime Minister Taro Aso no choice but to dissolve the lower house as there is nothing else to do.

Kan said the Democratic Party of Japan would pressure the prime minister to hold a lower house vote in July.