May 29, 2009

Fuel cell cars set to go on road show tour

A group of 12 fuel cell cars traveling from California to British Columbia on a road show tour represent a new entry into the auto industry, experts say.

American Honda spokesman Sage Marie said as a result of a limited number of the new vehicles being made, the price of the vehicle fueled by a complex process that combines hydrogen and oxygen has yet to be released industry-wide, The San Francisco Chronicle said Friday.

The actual cost of the cars is still confidential, Marie said, but we're working toward the goal of bringing costs down to a level comparable to those of gasoline cars.

The U.S.-Canada road tour is part of a marketing effort by the California Fuel Cell Partnership aimed at promoting the use of fuel cell vehicles. The partnership consists of automakers and government agencies, along with energy and technology companies.

Partnership spokesman Chris White told the Chronicle the fuel cell vehicles require hydrogen to operate, meaning gas stations would need to adjust to service such automobiles.

White said to date, California has already embraced the fuel cell car initiative with 25 stations offering hydrogen services.