Mundus and AirStar High Tech VTOL UAV Drones to Go on Patrol in Gulf States for Perfect Storm

June 1, 2009

LAS VEGAS, June 1 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Mundus Group, Inc. (Pink Sheets: MNDP) , a VTOL UAV technology provider and partner of AirStar announces the delivery of 12 state of the art VTOL UAVs (unmanned air vehicles) to Texas, Louisiana and Gulf coast government agencies for hurricane observation and early warning systems at $40,000 each. The company stated, “This is just the beginning of something huge and we’re very excited to be involved, supplying our breakthrough technology to additional government agencies. These UAV’s can also be used as post disaster monitoring for safe infrastructure, looting and emergency response to victims. The monitoring of multiple busy traffic intersections around a city while recording detailed activities can be coordinated easily with a network of Aerial Surveillance Drones floating silently hovering overhead at 1,000 feet.” View here http://www.airintelsys.com/services_special.htm

On another note, the Management of Mundus and AirStar stated, “We are energized to announce the entering of serious negotiations to solidify our UAV co development relationship that began in 2002 with our 1st Ducted fan UAV drone under a 3 year Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the US NAVY, Roadable Aircraft and AirStar International. The vehicle was designed specifically for “flight control system tests” using electric motors conducted at RAI’s interior hangar space facility while under co development agreement with US NAVY.” To view this breakthrough technology visit: http://www.roadableaircraftinc.com/vtol_tech.htm

Roadable Aircraft Inc, Air Drone Inc and Air Intel Systems are fully owned subsidiaries of the Mundus Group Inc. (Pink Sheets: MNDP)





Air Intel provides stealth suitability with Air Drone UAVs in “dull, dirty and dangerous” missions, increasing the success and capabilities, forecasting a wide range of applications that include UAVs taking on new missions, replacing the methods for existing missions and adding a new dimension to existing missions. Examples of these missions include:

  • Border & Costal Patrol and Monitoring
  • Homeland Security
  • Law Enforcement & Disaster Operations
  • Digital Mapping & Planning / Land Management
  • Search & Rescue
  • Fire Detection and Firefighting Management
  • Communications and Broadcast Services
  • Precision Agriculture and Fisheries
  • Ground Transportation Monitoring and Control
  • Satellite Augmentation Systems
  • Air Traffic Control Support
  • Power Transmission line Monitoring
  • Environmental Research & Air Quality Management / Control
  • Hurricane and Tornado early warning systems
  • Emergency Response
  • Fire and rescue
  • Search and Rescue
  • Hurricane and Tornado early warning systems

Mundus Group, a leader in VTOL aerospace technology and AirStar International, worldwide leader in remote controlled VTOL UAV camera copters for surveillance, aerial photography and aerial delivery systems for environmental compliance, announces the agreement to build the next generation of UAV drones as a ducted fan UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle). The new vehicles will position Mundus and AirStar to gain a huge market advantage with little competition in this lucrative UAV aerial surveillance niche. The counter rotating propellers are completely enclosed, offering a myriad of possible solutions as an unmanned VTOL robotic delivery system. The new-ducted fan technology will replace the current state of the art AirStar Systems in service with government agencies worldwide and will be leased on a contractual basis to municipalities.

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