Uranium Star – Initial Trench Results on Green Giant Vanadium Project

June 1, 2009

TORONTO, June 1 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ – Uranium Star Corp. (OTCBB:URST) (FRANKFURT:YE5) (“Uranium Star” or “the Company”) announces it has received initial results from the first 6 trenches on its Green Giant Vanadium Project in Madagascar.

Extensive trenching, using two mechanical excavators, is being conducted over anomalous vanadium trends and their strike extensions defined by the 2008 drilling program as well as geophysical and geochemical surveys. Initial analytical results have been received utilizing the Company’s hand-held XRF units. Past experience indicates that these units very adequately generate vanadium values that can be utilized with confidence. A comparison of the 2008 drill results between the XRF and commercial laboratory assays was very strong.

Trench Results

A total of 5 complete trenches have been established to date which have been mapped, sampled and analyzed with a sixth trench partially completed. Distance between trenches is usually 200 meters. Trench results include 0.65% V2O5 over 218 meters including 1.3% V2O5 over 32 meters from Trench T-09-02 and 0.63% V2O5 over 248 meters including 1.38% V2O5 over 58 meters in trench T-09-03. Current trenching represents a strike length of 1.1 kilometers.

The XRF units being used are state-of-the-art exploration tools that are currently used for accurate, in-the-field analysis of rocks and soils thus allowing the Company to more readily focus its attention on anomalous trends without having to wait for assay/analytical results from commercial laboratories.

All trench samples are being sent to the NATA accredited Genalysis Services Laboratory in Perth, Australia for verification of the XRF results. A rigorous QAQC program is in place and being overseen by Taiga Consultants Ltd. to ensure accuracy of analytical results.

Previous Drilling

The 2008 drilling indicated that vanadium values within the near-surface oxide zone are enhanced over those from primary mineralization. The current trenching program aims to provide a detailed assessment of the widths and grade of this style of vanadium mineralization and ultimately use it to assist in designing a drill program. The 2008 drilling results indicated that widths of near surface vanadium could be as high as 50-100 meters or more.

Significant Grades of Vanadium Mineralization Seen Over Widths of 200


The initial trench results from the south end of the property indicate that the near surface mineralization has widths that are far beyond the Company’s initial expectations. Significant grades of vanadium mineralization have been seen over widths exceeding 200 meters. An extensive drill program is planned for later in the year that will allow Uranium Star to calculate a compliant resource statement that can be used in further economic assessments of the deposit.

The following table defines the XRF results for vanadium from the first six trenches.

    Trench #      UTM         UTM      Length     V2O5
                    From         To        (m)      (%)
    TR-09-001      501300      501420      120      0.51
    TR-09-002      501300      501518      218      0.65
    TR-09-002      501428      501460       32      1.30
    TR-09-003      501361      501609      248      0.63
    TR-09-003      501481      501539       58      1.38
    TR-09-004      501427      501653      226      0.52
    TR-09-004      501537      501587       50      1.01
    TR-09-005      501447      501457       10      0.24
    TR-09-005      501487      501575       88      0.27    Village
    TR-09-005      501543      501575       12      0.44
    TR-09-005      501602      501676       32      0.25    open to the east
    TR-09-006      501602      501632       30      0.44
    TR-09-006      501666      501676       10      0.61
    TR-09-006      501702      501748       46      0.42
    TR-09-006      501722      501728        6      0.28
    TR-09-006      501728      501748       20      0.67

Trench 6 is still to be completed. Vanadium values of economic interest are present as the trench extends to the east. An initial interpretation indicates that at the south end of the property there is a higher grade core of greater than 1.0% V2O5 mineralization surrounded by somewhat lower grade mineralization.


The Company has received the results of preliminary metallurgical work to determine what recoveries can be obtained from basic processing procedures. The initial leach test results of both oxide and primary vanadium mineralization are particularly encouraging. Bottle roll test results of oxide material produced recoveries approaching 80% with definite indications that a longer leach time would have produced better results. Primary material produced recoveries of better than 70% with room for improvement.

A scanning electron microprobe analysis has been completed on a suite of core and rock samples to specifically identify the vanadium mineralogy. Vanadium was found to occur in a variety of minerals, with most of the vanadium found associated with silicate and oxide receptor minerals.

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Bill Nielsen, P.Geo., Director and Project Manager is the qualified person for this report.

Taiga Consultants Ltd. is supervising Uranium Star’s exploration activities on the Green Giant Vanadium Project in Madagascar.

WARNING: The statements made in this news release may contain forward-looking statements that may involve a number of risks and uncertainties. Actual events or results could differ materially from expectations and projections set out herein.

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