June 6, 2009

Las Vegas gaming revenues dip

Las Vegas gaming revenues declined in April compared to a year earlier, analysts said.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported Saturday that gaming revenues were $441.3 million in April, a decline of 15.8 percent compared with $524.1 million a year ago.

For the year, the newspaper said revenues are down 16.6 percent for Las Vegas casinos.

The Review-Journal reported that customers gambled $2.2 billion in April on table games, an increase of less than 1 percent from a year ago. Casino revenues from table games, however, were $251.6 million, a decline of 20.5 percent.

Susquehanna gaming analyst Robert LaFleur said the economy might be affecting the habits of gamblers.

There has been a recent trend where players that are up have been more likely to walk away from the tables and cash out as opposed to playing longer, which can depress hold percentages, LaFleur said.