Rare McCulloch’s Clownfish Bred in Captivity for First Time in U.S.

June 11, 2009

Aquatic experts at LiveAquaria.com capture spawning on film!

RHINELANDER, Wis., June 11 /PRNewswire/ — When looking for one of the rarest Clownfish in the world, Northern Wisconsin is probably the last place you’d expect to find a spawning pair. But thanks to the expertise and conservation efforts of LiveAquaria.com Director Kevin Kohen, aquarium hobbyists may be seeing a lot more of these coveted clownfish in the coming years. Not only did the staff at Rhinelander’s Drs. Foster and Smith Marine Life Facility successfully spawn a pair of McCulloch’s Clownfish for the first time inside the U.S., they captured the incredible event on video!

The McCulloch’s Clownfish is one of the rarest clownfish species in the aquarium trade due to its limited range within a protected marine sanctuary near a small island off the east coast of Australia. Lord Howe Island in the Pacific Ocean was designated a World Heritage Site in 1982, and the waters in and around this small island are protected as part of the Lord Howe Island Marine Park. For this reason, the McCulloch’s Clownfish has not been available in the aquarium trade for decades . . . until now.

In early 2006, an Australian enthusiast was fortunate enough to legally collect Amphiprion mccullochi by obtaining a one-time collection license from the New South Wales Fisheries and the Lord Howe Marine Park Management. After overcoming some major obstacles, five pairs of this fish were successfully transported back to New South Wales, Australia. Through trial and error, the first documented successful spawning and rearing of Amphiprion mccullochi in a captive environment took place in early 2007.

In October of 2008, after months of work and negotiations, Drs. Foster and Smith put a rather substantial deposit down to be the exclusive U.S. recipients of several remaining pairs of these captive-raised Amphiprion mccullochi with the goal of achieving successful spawning in captivity for the first time outside of Australia.

The task of even bonding a pair for spawning proved nearly impossible, complicated by the species’ aggressive nature and ability to morph between sexes depending on established social dominance hierarchies. After over arduous 20 attempts to bond a pair, two finally exhibiting spawning behavior, and the entire dance was caught on videotape.

To witness this rare moment documented for the first time, visit Liveaquaria.com for exclusive footage, along the exciting story behind this groundbreaking event.


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