SANYO Shows It Knows the Projector Market at InfoComm 2009

June 17, 2009

-Exhibiting advanced knowledge of Image Quality, Ease of Use, and Networking for a WIDESCREEN Nation

CHATSWORTH, Calif. and ORLANDO, Fla., June 17 /PRNewswire/ — INFOCOMM — SANYO, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of LCD and DLP projectors, will be showing off its latest technology and products in presentation technology at its booth as part of InfoComm 2009 in Orlando, Florida. At the 2009 show, SANYO will display its knowledge of the needs of the market by displaying products in three main categories — “Image Quality”, “Ease of use”, and “Networking” — with applicable technology and products to match each category.

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“SANYO has been a leader in presentation technology for a number of years, but this is only because we are able to develop our products and create technology to meet the needs of the industry,” says Mark Holt, Vice President and General Manager for SANYO’s Presentation Technologies Group. “The technologies and products we have on display this year not only demonstrate our knowledge of the market, but also provide viable and innovative solutions in presentation technology, with products for every market segment, including education, government, worship, corporate AV, as well as others.”

Shifting Market Trends — Widescreen

With the growing demand for widescreen projectors in the market, SANYO is utilizing its knowledge of the widescreen aspect ratio projection to create new, cost-effective projectors to meet this rapidly expanding need. The shift of the market to widescreen can be attributed to a number of things, such as the fact that the widescreen aspect ratio is thought to allow a more natural view, allowing more to be seen at once, and the shift to digital television where many shows will be broadcast in widescreen. Most new laptop and desktop monitors also utilize the widescreen aspect ratio.

The widescreen aspect ratio also opens up further possibilities as the wider screen allows picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture modes to be easier to see, enhancing the view with product demonstrations or allowing a television conference call to show the presentation and the presenter side-by-side.

SANYO’s projector lineup includes a number of projectors to meet the widescreen demand, and the projectors are suitable for any number of applications, such as classrooms, offices or even for those on-the-go.

SANYO Knows…Image Quality

Last year, SANYO released the first QuaDrive(TM) projector featuring an additional LCD panel for more accurate color reproduction and enhanced brightness. This year, SANYO is showing an even brighter QuaDrive(TM) projector, at 12,000 lumens. Not only is the projector brighter, but the engine also allows the projector to retain both rich and realistic color. With the QuaDrive(TM) optical engine technology, there is no need to sacrifice rich color as the need for higher brightness increases.

SANYO Knows…Ease of use

SANYO’s recently announced projectors incorporate an “Easy Set-up Function”, which include three main functions: Auto Input Signal Search, Auto Vertical Keystone Correction, and Input Guidance Function. The Auto Input Signal Search automatically detects the input signal and makes the necessary internal settings. The Auto Vertical Keystone Correction function automatically detects its position angle and corrects for any image distortion. Finally, the Guidance Function displays on-screen connection instructions when there is no input signal detected, enabling easy setup for expert users and novices alike.

In addition to set-up functions, SANYO has also designed a number of ways to ease the burden of maintenance. This includes the use of its unique “Active Maintenance Filter” and “Lamp Selection System”, found in a number of SANYO’s projectors. The Active Maintenance Filter contains ten filters on a scrolling cartridge, reducing the amount of time needed for maintenance to check and replace filters, as it automatically detects clogs to the airflow and will advance the cartridge to a new filter — advantageous for projectors mounted on hard-to-reach ceilings. Also, the Lamp Selection System provides double the lamp hours without the need for lamp replacement, eliminating the need to stock up spare lamps far in advance, meeting a variety of budgeting needs. Once one lamp is fully used, the next is already loaded and can be used for seamless presentations, extending the projection life. Coin screws are used on the lamp section to facilitate replacement without any tools.

Furthermore, many of SANYO’s projectors have the most advanced lens shifting systems available today. With the ability to lens-shift, placement of the projector is more flexible. Some projectors are even able to be installed at any vertical angle, allowing projection on unusual surfaces, such as floors or even ceilings.

SANYO Knows…Networking

Most SANYO projectors either have built-in or options for operation and management on a network. As market needs change, a growing number of wireless network-compatible projectors are being launched, in addition to the already network-compatible wired projectors that SANYO has made available for years. SANYO also offers a unique network-based projector management system, PJ Network Manager software, that allows a single administrator to monitor the operating conditions of up to 200 projectors on a single network, greatly reducing multiple projector management time. By allowing administration, maintenance and management control functions to be easily accessed, the administrator can login, turn power on/off, switch input signals, project from remote locations, as well as view current lamp conditions, projector usage time, and even confirm if the projector is working or not. An automatic maintenance notification function sends notices to preset email addresses in the event of projector problems, resulting in faster maintenance response time.

In addition to the wired networks, SANYO also knows wireless networking. With its uncompressed HD DATA WIRELESS transmission adapter developed to deliver the highest image quality possible without delay even from longer distances, SANYO provides simple, cable-less projection without sacrificing quality.

Furthermore, SANYO also utilizes technology to stream video wirelessly from PCs to projectors, allowing playback to occur on the projector to allow seamless playback. With the industry’s first IEEE802.11n high-speed wireless LAN capability, wireless projection is made simple, with the projector easy to find by any computer running Windows Vista. Once the projector has been found, it is as easy to set up as a click of the mouse.

Finally, SANYO provides its “Simple Wireless Setting” via USB memory, which automatically connects the computer to the projector wirelessly when the projector is set to receive in “Network: Simple” mode. With just one click, the wireless LAN settings are provided and the content from the computer is able to be projected.


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