Caribbean Contractor Receives U.S. Patent for its Non-Invasive Roof Securement System for Existing Industrial and Commercial Buildings in Hurricane Zones

June 23, 2009

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, June 23 /PRNewswire/ – Caribbean Sunlife Specialties Corp. (CSSC), a Puerto Rico-based industrial roofing contractor announced today that the U.S. Patent for its “Non-Invasive Metal Roof Deck Securement Enhancement System” has been issued. This non-invasive retrofit method to strengthen existing roof structures is highly cost effective and has minimal impact on the operations of the building during retrofit. The retrofit roof securement system has been installed on almost 1 million square feet of existing roofs throughout hurricane prone Puerto Rico. The system meets or exceeds the stringent wind uplift recommendations of FM Global, the insurance industry leader in property loss research and prevention.

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CSSC Roof Retrofit System Satisfies Insurers, Lowers Rates

Due to recent devastating hurricane and windstorm related losses many leading insurance companies are requiring building owners to retrofit the roof structures on industrial and commercial buildings to minimize the possibility of “wind uplift” during a major storm. CSSC’s non-invasive retrofit method of securing existing roof structures was specifically designed to meet or exceed FM Global’s exacting loss prevention standards. FM Global has had proven success in decreasing or eliminating roof losses and related interior damage and business interruption claims. As a result, many other insurance companies and property owners are adopting these stringent standards. Additionally, buildings with enhanced roof securement systems are often eligible for reduced insurance premiums reflecting the reduced risk of losses. Building owners and facilities managers should contact their insurer’s loss prevention engineers for further information.

Advantages to CSSC Roof Securement Retrofit Method

In addition to exceeding FM Global’s stringent wind uplift standards, CSSC’s patented non-invasive exterior installation process has many benefits compared to outdated roof strengthening techniques.

  • The fastening system is installed directly through the existing roof structure, while eliminating the risk of leaks during installation.

  • The exterior installation allows for a more complete securement of roof areas that would otherwise be inaccessible from below due to interior obstacles such as ducting and offices.

  • The fastening system precisely aligns with the existing roof joists ensuring a more complete roof securement.

  • Fasteners can be installed side by side, or “double-stitched” to maximize available fastening surface and provide exceptionally high wind uplift ratings.

  • The retrofit process is much quicker than alternative securement methods and never interrupts sensitive operations within the building.

  • Completely eliminates the possibility of interior exposure to the elements while retrofitting.

Environmental, Safety, and Health Benefits of the CSSC System

  • CSSC’s retrofit system minimizes the use of new materials by using the existing roof system as its base.

  • Retrofitting existing roof systems saves landfill space; approximately 1 cubic foot of landfill space is saved for each 4 square feet of roof area.

  • The non-invasive installation process does not require asbestos monitoring.

About Caribbean Sunlife Specialties Corp. (CSSC)

CSSC is a Puerto Rico based roofing contractor specializing in designing and installing turn key roofing solutions, roof retrofit installations and testing; solving difficult roof related problems for commercial and industrial facilities owners, engineers and managers. CSSC has installed millions of square feet of roofing systems in Puerto Rico and Costa Rica, for numerous global pharmaceutical and high technology companies with many requiring additional roof deck fastening. CSSC installs the reinforced elastomeric Sunlife Roofing System over all its installations for added longevity, sustainability, and Energy Star/Cool Roof savings. Proven in the tropics for 18 years, the system has the highest technical rating, ASTM D-6083.

The company also develops, refines, patents and installs roof securement enhancement systems, primarily for critical manufacturing and commercial facilities. In addition to the patented method described in this news release, CSSC has developed a process for roof securement of precast concrete panel roofs. This newest system and hardware have also been installed extensively in Puerto Rico on major pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and is available for installation by CSSC. For more information about CSSC and its processes and installations, please visit the website, www.sunliferoofing.com.

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