First Community Bank Goes Green With New I-45/Beltway 8 Headquarters Building

June 25, 2009

HOUSTON, June 26 /PRNewswire/ — FC Holdings, Inc., parent company of First Community Bank, N.A., broke ground today on a new 24,000 square foot headquarters building located at 12400 Gulf Freeway, on the Northeast corner of I-45 and the Beltway 8 intersection.

CEO Nigel Harrison said, “This building represents our commitment to bringing First Community Bank back to Houston and the Bay Area where we originally got our start. It also represents our commitment to innovative environmental design and energy efficiency as one of Houston’s first GOLD LEED Certified Green buildings.”

With assets of $ 834 million, First Community has 39 locations in 23 cities located in 8 regions across Texas including Dallas, San Antonio, Waco, The Woodlands, Fort Bend, East Texas, the Houston Bay Area and Central Texas.

Harrison originally started First Community Bank in 1995 when he was granted the first charter for a de novo bank in Texas since 1984. The bank quickly grew and was sold to Wells Fargo in 2005. Harrison kept the name First Community Bank as part of the sale and immediately began building the brand again, this time as a statewide concept beginning in San Antonio.

“Our return to Houston is something we’ve looked forward to and planned on for several years. We have a lot of loyal friends and former customers from our initial First Community Bank days and they have been asking for us to return,” said Harrison.

In addition to housing the home office headquarters of FC Holdings, Inc., the 12400 Gulf Freeway building will also have the home office for First Community Bank with a drive-thru that will join Webster and Friendswood as the third full service location opened in the Houston/Bay Area this year with more planned in the future.

When asked about the bank’s growth as it relates to the current economy, Harrison said, “We have always been a positive and optimistic organization and have had the good fortune to attract like-minded customers who see the glass as more half full than half empty. The economy will recover and our bank, as well as our customers will be well positioned to embrace its return. In fact, we feel we are actively helping to encourage its return!”

                                FC Holdings, Inc.
                           First Community Bank, N.A.
                               12400 Gulf Freeway
                       GOLD LEED Certified Green Building

                                   FACT SHEET

    A GOLD LEED Certified Green building.  One of only 3 in Texas.

    The roof of tomorrow, today
    12,000 SF, 9" deep, Green roof to keep things cool and the environment

    Rainwater Recycling
    250,000 gallons of rainwater retention used to flush toilets, water
    landscaping and the roof

    Like planting a 1000 trees every year
    The Green roof will generate enough oxygen for 700 people and filter out
    19 tons of particulate matter.

    50% less to operate
    Annual operating costs of $4.50 SF will be 50% less than a new non-green

    Award winning DNA
    This building will have all of the same features as the 251medical.com
    building that won the 2008 Landmark award for best Green Building.

SOURCE FC Holdings, Inc.

Source: newswire

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