Phoenix Intelligence Support Inc. – Anti Piracy Unit Strengthens Ties with Somalia

June 26, 2009

CAIRO, June 26 /PRNewswire/ — In a Telephone Interview with Mr. William Bo’ Fielding, Managing Director of Phoenix Intelligence Support Inc. – Anti Piracy Unit, Mr. Fielding discussed the outcome and results of a 30 day trip to Africa and The Middle East that took him, together with his delegation of experts, through Jordan, Egypt, Dubai and Mogadishu, Somalia.

Mr. William Bo’ Fielding, the Managing Director of Phoenix Intelligence Support Inc. – Anti Piracy Unit, is somewhat of a modern day pioneer, leading an initiative that combines Specialized Private Security Companies together with private sector financial and industry leaders to solve the security and socioeconomic issues affecting developing countries and, in particular, Somalia and the Horn of Africa Region.

Mr. Fielding explained that after leading the expedition on May 19, 2009 together with a team of delegates of Phoenix Intelligence Support Inc. – Anti Piracy Unit, and other experts in the Fields of security, training, naval and military strategies, political policy and strategies, infrastructure, socio-economics, healthcare and education.

They all started their journey by visiting the Kingdom of Jordan in Amman, where Phoenix Participated as a Platinum Sponsor of the Grand Opening of KASOTC (King Abdullah’s Special Operation Training Center), an event that lasted 3 days. Mr. Fielding stated that during the 3 day event, senior members from Special Operation Commands from across the world participated in discussions and competitions at the centre during which the Anti Piracy initiatives and other services of Phoenix Intelligence Support Inc. was well received and fully supported by the other participants.

Mr. Fielding said: “During the course of this important event, I was able to speak to many important officials from various defense departments, including General David H. Petraeus commander of the United States Central Command (CENTCOM), discussions were held on cooperative agreements for training between Phoenix Intelligence Support Inc., and KASOTC for training special operations officers and civilian police officers, specialized law enforcement, counter-terrorism, anti piracy and marine interdiction skills, whom have contracted Phoenix Intelligence Support Inc. to offer training support in such fields.”

Mr. Fielding explained that, after leaving from Amman, Jordan, the delegation continued to Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt, where Phoenix Intelligence Support Inc. organized the Cairo International Summit on Anti Piracy Strategies and Policies, which took place on May 27, 2009 and there they met with delegates from across the world including Military Attaches and other Diplomats from 25 World Nations, Arab League Representatives, United Nations Contact Group Members, including the 1st Deputy Prime Minister of Somali Prof. Abdulrahman Aden Ibrahim “Ibbi” and the Ambassador of Somalia to Egypt.

Mr. Fielding said: “Discussions were held and near terms solutions were found, and further to these solutions, a delegation was organized, consisting of a group of experts led by Phoenix, that included security experts from the United States, South Africa, France, England, Egypt and other experts from International Consulting LLC, a private company which is focused in financial support, natural resources, healthcare, education, nation branding, nation building and legal system support, all of which are the primary multifaceted elements of the core problem affecting the Horn of Africa and Somalia in particular, however, we all kept at the forefront the immediate near term issue of National Security Capacity and building and training the Somali Coast Guard, Civilian Police, Port Authorities, Anti Piracy Operations and related Security Counter-terrorism and Law Enforcement issues.”

Mr. Fielding stated that: “The delegation did reach MogadishuSomalia on June 6, 2009 and after having met with the Prime Minister of Somalia Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke, the 1st Deputy Prime Minister of Somali Prof. Abdulrahman Aden Ibrahim “Ibbi,” The National Security Chief, the Defense and Naval Ministers, Officials representing the Fisheries and Marine Resources, Police, Army and Maritime Coast Guard trainees and their Commanders, operating under the command of the Transitional Federal Government of the Somali Republic (recognized and backed by the United Nations) and other important Government Officials over 2 days travel throughout the area.”

Mr. Fielding said: “It was clear that the potential and talent is there in Somalia to create a strong professional coast guard, civil defense and national security force, and to rebuild all of the vital institutions which are necessary to maintain a unified peaceful Somalia for the benefit of the entire international community who’s trade and commerce are currently threatened by the scourge of piracy and stability in the Horn of Africa.”

Phoenix Intelligence Support Inc., pledges to supply training, equipment and human resources in accordance with the United Nations rules and resolutions to support the reconstruction, training and deployment of the Somali Coast Guard.

Mr. Fielding indicated that, in this regard up to 750 security experts, advisers, trainers and other human resources are available to execute such tasks as mentioned above and to guard any Embassy Staff, United Nations Employees, NGO’s, Private Sector Businessmen, or other officials which wish to return to Somalia and reopen their offices in the near future once the terrorist groups “Al Shabbab” and others have been suppressed, in or around the Capital of Mogadishu.

Mr. Fielding also stated that: “Phoenix Intelligence Support Inc., and its coalition of partner companies, can also assist in creating a hardened ‘Green Zone’ in the Capital City of Mogadishu, similar to the one which allowed the Transitional Government in Iraq, to operate over the past several years, without making some of the mistakes that occurred during the learning process in that country, such a zone will contain all the vital Transitional Federal Government Operations United Nations and other Critical International Community Offices.”

Mr. Fielding said: “Strong international partnerships, will produce the effective multilateralism required to solve the problems of Somalia and will create security and stability in the Horn of Africa which will make piracy, a thing of the past.”

He also stated that, dozens of Shipping Companies and several Governments have contacted Phoenix Intelligence Support Services Inc. for Anti Piracy training, Onboard Security Teams and other specialized support in the Horn of Africa and the region, both on land and at sea and Mr. Fielding stated that the consensus reached at the Cairo Summit and the delegation to Mogadishu, was that a strong public-private partnership between specialized security firms, defense contractors, industry and finance leaders from the private sector and other experts who have the skills and resources to cure the near term core problem, which is primarily the absence of a Coast Guard to protect the waters in the coast line of the UN backed Government, must be organized with their efforts keenly directed towards supporting the Transitional Federal Government of the Somali Republic, with training, equipment, human resources and support to enable them to defend themselves and to protect global commerce from the impending threat of terrorism in the Horn of Africa and intensified violent piracy which torments the world’s most critical waterway and threatens global trade and commerce on a near daily basis.

Lastly, Mr. Fielding and his delegation, after leaving from Mogadishu on June 8, 2009, departed to a 3 days final trip to Dubai before returning back to his home country, USA.

In Dubai a final summary meeting was held, together with some important business people and diplomats, who all agreed to take further actions in the development of activities for the immediate term and other activities for the medium term, in which the subject of “Sustainable Development” began to take hold enabling large scale foreign direct investment to begin to flow in and fund the Nation’s building efforts of the Somali people, creating a unified and peaceful Somalia with vibrant trade and commerce, as it had in the past. Mr. Fielding remains confident in the future of a safe and stable Somalia and Horn of Africa Region.

By: Angelina Estrella Hazim, Independent Journalist, Dominican Republic in Cairo, Egypt

SOURCE Phoenix Intelligence Support Services, Inc. – Anti Piracy Unit

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