Don Blankenship Extends Debate Invitation to Dr. James Hansen

June 26, 2009

Global Warming Bill Would Kill Jobs, Slow Economy

CHARLESTON, W.V., June 26 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — On Friday, June 19th, 2009, Massey Energy Chairman and CEO Don L. Blankenship invited Dr. James Hansen to participate in an open discussion about global warming and the economy in West Virginia. While Dr. Hansen was unable to fit a public debate into his schedule this week, Mr. Blankenship has extended the invitation and issued the following statement:

“A week ago today, I issued an invitation to Dr. James Hansen to join me in a public discussion about global warming and America’s economy. I made the invitation upon learning that Dr. Hansen, a Hollywood actress and an environmental activist from San Francisco were traveling to West Virginia to protest coal mines, which provide low cost energy to millions of Americans and thousands of jobs in Appalachia. A local television station offered to air the event live on Thursday, June 25th, but Dr. Hansen was unwilling to fit the open debate into his schedule.

“Politicians in Washington, DC are threatening to pass Cap & Trade legislation, which will cap our economy and trade away our jobs overseas in the name of global warming. The people of West Virginia deserve a vigorous discussion about how this bill will harm our economy and cost jobs. Environmental propaganda, masquerading as science and preached by people like Al Gore, threatens to destroy our way of life in America.

“Prosperity in America cannot occur without production and hard work. As a native West Virginian, I know how hard the people of this state work to care for their families. However, out of state activists like Dr. Hansen, who want to close coal mines, would kill production in America and bring any hope of an economic recovery to a screeching halt – all in the name of global warming.

“My invitation to Dr. Hansen remains open. I realize he has a busy schedule, protesting and fighting to shut down coal mines throughout America, but I will gladly work with him to find a mutually agreeable time and location so that as many American workers as possible can hear the truth about global warming.”

SOURCE Massey Energy

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