June 28, 2009

Chrysler says ready for plant relaunches

U.S. automaker Chrysler LLC says all is ready for the bankruptcy-salvaged company's restart of its seven assembly plants, powertrain plant and other facilities.

Chrysler said late last week it is on target to reopen the plants on Monday after a shutdown that began with its April 30 bankruptcy filing, The Detroit News reported.

The new company that emerged after the bankruptcy is a partnership with Italian automaker Fiat. Its biggest concern had been making sure that parts would be available after stocks were depleted by lower volumes and an inability to secure credit to restart production lines, the newspaper said.

Chrysler, however, has not resolved all unpaid bills with suppliers, the News reported. But company spokesman Dave Elshoff asserted those issues won't jeopardize Monday's assembly plant relaunches, saying, When necessary, we will negotiate in good faith to resolve our business issues and assure the timely and efficient commencement of our manufacturing operations.

A number of Chrysler suppliers are in bankruptcy themselves, including Delphi Corp., Visteon Corp. and Metaldyne Corp., the News said.