July 6, 2009

South Korea creates green goals

South Korean officials have announced plans to create nearly 2 million green jobs during the next five years.

The office of President Lee Myung-bak announced Monday that officials are aiming to make South Korea one of the top seven nations for green growth by 2020, the Yonhap News Agency reported Monday.

Based on our past development experience that made possible the country's intensive development, but with more details than the economic development plans of the past, the five-year green development plan provides concrete ways to achieve our goals, the office said in a statement.

Lee said the new goals, which are expected to cost $84.5 billion during the next five years, will change life for all South Koreans.

Through green growth, our way of life will change, our way of working will change ... and I believe they must change, he said at a meeting of the presidential committee on green growth. Green growth affects not only the government, but also political, civilian and academic circles, as well as all our civic and government-related organizations. Because it will have a great impact on the daily lives of the citizens, I believe every citizen must also participate in the move.