July 11, 2009

Health club gets retro phone number

The founder of the U.S. health club chain Retrofitness says potential customers can now call 867-5309, a phone number made famous by a 1980s song.

Retrofitness founder Eric Casaburi said obtaining the phone number, made famous by Tommy Tutone's 1982 one-hit wonder 867-5309/Jenny, gives his chain a retro reference that can appeal to customers, Billboard.com reported Friday.

We want to keep the brand as fun as possible, he said. The devil is in the details especially in branding. This was a cool detail that people will appreciate when they see it. Plus it's easy to remember.

The health club chain has more than 50 locations and is working on opening more than 100 more. The sites all featured bright 1980s-style colors and have a movie theater showing popular '80s movies.

The '80s were great. There was no recession. We want people to get that flavor in their life, Casaburi told Billboard. No one likes to work out. It's sweaty. It hurts a little. At least we're giving them some entertainment value.