Flex DVD The Green Alternative

July 15, 2009

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif., July 15 /PRNewswire/ — Since its doors opened in 1998, CD Digital Card has been on the “cutting edge” of new optical disc technologies and the announcement of the patented Flex DVD format is no exception. The Flex DVD is lightweight, flexible, and has the standard capacity and playability features as a traditional DVD-5. The eco-friendly chemical makeup of the disc and its unique physical characteristics make the Flex DVD the perfect choice for any direct mail or publishing scenario.

Direct Mail & Postage – SAVE MONEY NOW.

Due to the ingenious design of the Flex DVD, postage cost is 50% less expensive in any bulk-mailing scenario! The flexible attributes of the disc allow the Flex DVD to move through sorting machinery at U.S. Postal Service sort facilities without any type of special handling. The disc is also 33% lighter than it’s rigid standard DVD counterpart. Flex DVD also eliminates breakage in transit by providing a flexible, resilient disc product that will almost NEVER crack, break, or become damaged. If your organization is planning on mailing out a DVD – the only solution is Flex DVD.


Coupled with a patented packaging process known as the E-Patch, the Flex DVD is the most cost effective and eco-friendly solution available when a DVD is required to be included inside or on the cover of a magazine, newspaper, or any other printed publication. After completing several cover-mount projects for various magazines in the USA, the Flex DVD has eliminated “poly-bagging” requirements. The Flex DVD/E-Patch combo is a significantly cheaper replication and assembly solution. Printers and publishers who currently use the Flex DVD indicate that the DVD’s thin and flexible characteristics interact with printing and binding machinery with flying colors. If you are “poly bagging” your publication, you must not be aware of the Flex DVD!

ECO-FRIENDLY FLEX DVD – The “Green” Alternative.

As corporations and organizations become more and more conscious of their impact on the environment, the Flex DVD is clearly a significantly more “green” DVD replication alternative for these same companies to consider. CD Digital Card’s mastering and replication technology uses one half the polycarbonate and chemicals that a standard DVD-5 replication process normally uses. Over time, the benefits to the environment from a pollution and recycling standpoint are truly significant factors. (comparison with standard DVD-5 is located on reverse side of this form)

    Eco-Feature           Flex DVD                    DVD-5
    Bonding               0 grams, no bonder needed
                          (100% less per disc)        0.84 grams bonder per
                                                      4.83 grams CO2 per disc

    Polycarbonate         8 grams                     16 grams
    (Raw plastic)         47.72 grams CO2             95.52 grams CO2

    Replication           16.06 grams CO2 per disc    37.21 grams CO2 per disc
                          (56% less than DVD-5)

    C02 Emission          63.82 grams CO2 per disc    137.56 grams C02 per
                          (73.74 grams CO2 saved       disc
                           per disc)

    Shipping & Transport  8 grams per disc            16 grams per disc
                          (50% Lighter)

    Recycle-ability       Flex DVD is 100% recycled
                           and does not use any
                           chemical or bonding
                           materials                  DVD-5 is NOT 100%
                                                       recycled uses bonding

    Technical-Feature     Flex DVD                    DVD-5
    Capacity              4.7 GB                      4.7 GB
    Format                DVD-Video & DVD-ROM         DVD-Video & DVD-ROM
    Playability           98% of all players          98% of all players
    Flexibility           100% Flexible               No Flexibility
    Weight                8 grams                     16 grams
    Thickness             0.6mm                       1.2mm

CD Digital Card is a Philips/Toshiba 6C licensed CD & DVD manufacturer located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. and has evolved into one of the most efficient, customer driven disc manufacturing support facilities in California with a replication, printing, and packaging capacity of over 200,000 discs per day. CDDC offers the most diverse list of replication and packaging services available in the USA. Some of these products and services include:

  • CD-ROM (all formats)
  • DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10
  • Flex DVD
  • 3″ Mini Disc (CD, DVD, & Flex DVD)
  • DualDisc (CD/DVD)
  • CD-Cards (60MB Molded Rectangle & Hockey Rink)
  • HD
  • DVD-Cards
  • Offset & Silkscreen Disc Printing
  • Standard and Custom Packaging Solutions
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging Alternatives
  • Copy Protection & Anti-Piracy Services
  • Mailing & Fulfillment Solutions


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