OPK Shipyards Deliver the New Icebreaker “St. Petersburg”

July 16, 2009

MOSCOW, July 16 /PRNewswire/ — United Industrial Corporation (OPK)
shipyards have delivered a diesel electric line icebreaker “St. Petersburg”
to Rosmorport (Russian Maritime Port). A solemn ceremony of the signing of
the takeover certificate and making the colors of the Russian Federation on
the icebreaker was held at the Baltiysky Zavod plant, a part of OPK.

The participants of this ceremony were Vladimir Putin, Prime-Minister of
the Russian Federation, Igor Levitin, Russian Minister of transportation,

Valentino Matvienko, the Governor of St. Petersburg, Sergey Pugachev and
Lyudmila Narusova, members of the Council of Federation of the Federal
Assembly of the Russian Federation, Alexander Gnusarev, OPK Chairman of the
Management Board, Andrey Fomichev, CEO of the Baltiysky Zavod plant.

According the certificate the icebreaker is the property of Rosmorport.
It’s planned to start its exploitation in the Gulf of Finland in the winter
of 2009.

OPK shipyards build fundamentally new multifunctional icebreakers,
analogues of which no other Russian company has built earlier. The
multifunctional Moskva icebreaker was completed by OPK and delivered in
December 2008, which became the first vessel to be built at a domestic plant
for the last 34 years.

The St. Petersburg icebreaker is the second diesel-electric line
icebreaker, built by OPK at the request of Rosmorport. It constitutes a
two-decked vessel with two propulsors of a total capacity of 16 MW. Due to
this peculiarity it has high mobility and passability. In addition to these
characteristics, the icebreaker is equipped with such a particular outfit to
fulfill the search of sunken ships at the depth of 300 meters. The shape of
the vessel’s hull has been especially designed with application of the latest
solutions for decreasing the power input in ice-breaking operations and
improving sea-worthiness. The icebreaker is designed for escorting targe
tankers (50 m beam); towing operations for vessels in icy and open waters.
The high mobility lets the icebreaker carry out salvage operations during
roughness force. The displacement totals about 10 000 tons, the length totals
116 meters, the width 26,5 meters, the draft 8,5 meters and the speed totals
17 knots.

The icebreaker has been tested and inspected by specialists of the
Baltiysky Zavod plant. OPK’s shipbuilding assets have 80 years of operational
experience in the construction of icebreakers. In March 2007, the Baltiysky
Zavod plant finished executing a historical contract for the construction of
the world’s biggest atomic icebreaker “50 let Pobedy”.

About OPK

United Industrial Corporation (OPK) is a diversified holding company with
total value of assets of more than US$13 billion. OPK develops and manages an
investment portfolio in major sectors of the Russian economy, including the
financial sector, real estate development, shipbuilding, mining and media.
For more information please visit the OPK website http://eng.opk.ru/


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