July 22, 2009

Apple: Can’t meet iPhone, MacBook demand

U.S. multinational Apple Inc., which posted a 15 percent jump in quarterly profit, says it can't supply enough iPhones and Macintosh computers to meet demand.

The iPhone and MacBook shortages are due to demand spikes, Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook said

We will get beyond this, he said about the Mac shortage, saying he thought it would be corrected within weeks.

He said Apple was working hard to fill iPhone demand.

The Cupertino, Calif., company still plans to introduce the iPhone3GS -- introduced in North America, Europe, Australia and Japan last month -- in China later this year, computer magazine PC World reported.

One weak spot for Apple was in its iPod business, Cook said. Apple shipped 10.2 million of the portable digital music players in the quarter that just ended. That's 7 percent fewer than it did a year earlier, he said.