New Capabilities for A2 Technologies Exoscan(TM) – the FTIR System for Lab and Field Use

July 23, 2009

DANBURY, Conn., July 23 /PRNewswire/ — A2 Technologies announces increased sampling and usability capabilities for its compact Exoscan FTIR spectrometer system. These enhancements extend the capability of this spectrometer to cover an array of applications and make the Exoscan the ideal system for the scientist who requires optimum flexibility in spectroscopic-based application development and implementation for lab and/or field use.

Sampling interfaces for the Exoscan system now include internal reflectance, grazing angle reflectance, diffuse reflectance and specular reflectance. With these enhancements, Exoscan can accommodate liquids, powders, pastes, as well as reflective and non-reflective solids. Exoscan can be used as a hand-held, battery operated FTIR system for field use and, with its optional docking station, as a powerful lab bench-top system. This flexibility enables spectroscopists to non-destructively gather data in the field, develop methods in the lab and then implement those methods out of the lab.

“We originally designed the Exoscan to provide our customers with the power of a laboratory-grade FTIR system in a handheld package. We are delighted that customers working in aerospace, polymers, coatings, geoscience, art conservation, pharmaceutical and academic endeavors have adopted the system. Now we have added a host of new capabilities that will enable our customers to tackle an ever-expanding range of applications,” commented Jon Frattaroli, CEO of A2 Technologies.

For more information on Exoscan and its extended capabilities for lab and field use, please contact Valerie Lopez of A2 Technologies Headquarters at 203.312.1100, email: info@a2technologies.com or Internationally, A2 Technologies LLC in Europe/Asia on telephone +44 7765 970 210, or email intlinfo@a2technologies.net.

About A2 Technologies

Headquartered in Danbury, Connecticut, A2 Technologies specializes in FTIR Technology for lab and field use. A2 Technologies manufactures and develops portable FTIR spectrometers designed for the analytical needs of the petrochemical, environmental, aerospace, art conservation, academic, geoscience and general environments where there is a need for analysis. The portable FTIR analyzers extend the proven capabilities of Fourier Transform Infrared technology by rendering sample preparation obsolete and ensuring real-time results.

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