July 24, 2009

Poll: Couples shop together as team

About one-third of U.S. couples spend more money when shopping together and the majority makes joint decisions on purchases, a poll indicates.

However, when a couple does not make decisions together, it's usually the woman who's in charge of the buying decision, the SmartShop poll says.

The reason 74 percent say they are together is just that: they are together. That's the best part of it all, the poll said.

Conducted by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, the men versus women shopping poll included a guide to male shopping personalities, dos and don'ts for shopping together, and a relationship-and-money Q&A, Consumer Reports says.

Shopping alone might be less of a headache but, if you want to bring along your partner, a little strategizing can make all the difference, said Lisa Lee Freeman, editor-in-chief of ShopSmart.