Arkansas Takes Delivery of Global Defender Blast Mitigation System

July 30, 2009

LAFAYETTE, La., July 30 /PRNewswire/ — Burner Fire Control, Inc., of Lafayette, LA, recently delivered its patented Global Defender Blast Mitigation System to the Arkansas State Police Bomb Squad. On July 16, 2009, Burner Fire Control conducted a comprehensive training session, including live explosive devices, and officially transferred ownership to the Arkansas State Police Bomb Squad.

Bill Buford, Commander of the Arkansas State Police Bomb Squad, acquired the system to meet a wide range of current and future threats. Buford, a 30 year veteran of the ATF, plans to use the system to protect high value targets, such as the State Capitol, Governor’s residence, Bill Clinton Library and many other potential locations and/or situations. Buford utilized federal grant programs to procure the system.

The Global Defender System is a patented equipment system and process for suppressing and containing the blast effects and dispersible material(s) of typical IEDDs (Improvised Explosive Dispersal Devices). The system consists of a cart-mounted, highly mobile, foam-producing unit and a proprietary disposable foam enclosure. The system is deployable by robot or human, and is remotely operated, keeping personnel at a safe distance from the explosive device. Once activated, the enclosure provides up to three hours of protection, giving valuable time for evacuation and decision making. The system gives bomb technicians time to evaluate the device via X-Ray, radiological detection devices, etc. If the decision is made to detonate the device on-site, the system will provide protection from the harmful blast effects (fragmentation, fire, etc.). If the determination is made to physically move or remove the explosive device, the enclosure is easily removed to access the explosive.

The Global Defender System was designed and tested by Bomb Technicians from various state and federal agencies. The system has been thoroughly evaluated by the following agencies: FBI, ATF, US Department of Energy, US Department of Homeland Security and more. The US Department of Energy sponsored a comprehensive testing and evaluation of the system for use against live radiological agents, specifically Technecium-99. During this testing, the system was proven to completely suppress and contain a large dosage of this radiological agent. An unmitigated dispersal of this agent was also conducted, and this dispersal resulted in the contamination of a huge area, equivalent in size to several city blocks.

Currently, the Global Defender System is deployed in the following locations, with several other purchases in the works: Omaha, NE; Columbus, OH; Franklin County, OH; Indianapolis, IN; Dothan, AL; and Little Rock, AR. The system was not available for sale for several years pending comprehensive testing and patenting. Raytheon Corporation, a global defense contractor, has become the sole US distributor for the system. According to senior Raytheon officials, the Global Defender system fills a big gap in current technology used to deal with terrorist threats.

For additional information on the Global Defender, visit http://www.globaldefender.net, or contact Raytheon at (317)306-2600. For more information about Burner Fire Control, visit http://www.burnerfire.com or contact Matt Cruse at (337)237-4547.

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