Groom Energy and Greentech Media to Host Workshop for Wal-Mart Suppliers Responding to the Sustainability Assessment Initiative

August 13, 2009

SALEM, Mass., Aug. 13 /PRNewswire/ — Groom Energy Solutions and Greentech Media today announced a workshop to assist suppliers responding to Wal-Mart’s newly launched Supplier Sustainability Assessment Program. The event will be held on Wed., Sept. 16 from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the Mystic Ballroom of the Embassy Suites Hotel at Boston Logan Airport in Boston, Mass. http://www.greentechmedia.com/events/live/walmart-supplier-readiness-workshop/

Wal-Mart’s Supplier Sustainability Assessment Program will measure the environmental cost associated with products that Wal-Mart sells and report on each product’s rating. In its first phase, Wal-Mart has initially required some of its 60,000 suppliers to answer a series of questions intended to assess their relative environmental maturity by Oct. 1, 2009 with expanded mandatory supplier participation in the future. Using the results of the query, Wal-Mart will then calculate sustainability ratings for each supplier.

The workshop will assist companies with goal setting and benchmarks for Greenhouse Gas emission, solid waste and water reduction. The merits of programs like the Carbon Disclosure Project and green product certifications will also be covered. The event will be led by Paul Baier, vice president of consulting for Groom Energy and Tim Greiner, managing director of Pure Strategies. Baier and Greiner are also co-authors of a recently released report titled “Enterprise Carbon Accounting: An Analysis of Organizational-Level Greenhouse Gas Reporting and a Review of Emerging GHG Software Products,” which can be found at http://www.gtmresearch.com/report/enterprise-carbon-accounting.

The report was created as a guide for organizations considering calculating or currently tracking and reporting GHG emissions.

The workshop with conclude with a free Q &A call-in session led by Wal-Mart senior director of sustainability and packaging, Sean Stephan, who is also on the agenda to present in the afternoon.

“Wal-Mart suppliers need to quickly prepare themselves to provide the best possible response to this program,” said Paul Baier, vice president of consulting for Groom Energy. “Through our workshop we are pleased to provide these companies with a reference point for best practices and to give them confidence that their responses will position them well with Wal-Mart.”

Pricing and Availability

Admission is $495 for the workshop and $999 through Sept. 1 for attendees of the Greening the Supply Chain Conference on Sept. 17(th). For registration and more information about the conference please visit http://www.greentechmedia.com/events/live/walmart-supplier-readiness-workshop/

A free dial-in number for the Q&A session with Wal-Mart will be offered to attendees of the conference unable to attend the workshop.

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About Groom Energy
Groom Energy provides renewable and energy efficiency solutions to companies across the U.S. The company consults, engineers and installs energy technology projects that reduce cost and positively affect the environment. Services include solutions for combined heat & power, HVAC and lighting, as well as renewable energy solutions for solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, and wind systems. In addition, Groom Energy provides sustainability and carbon consulting, demand response, maintenance and financing services.

Groom Energy’s customers include Bed Bath and Beyond, EMC Corporation, General Electric, Kellogg’s, Ocean Spray and Thermo Fisher Scientific among others. For more information please visit www.groomenergy.com.

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