August 15, 2009

‘Relaxation drinks’ touted as newest thing

U.S. marketers are touting the soothing qualities of a new breed of relaxation beverages as an alternative to still-popular energy drinks, analysts say.

Such non-alcoholic beverages as Drank, with its motto Slow your roll, are capitalizing on a generation that has become overly hopped-up and stressed out on energy drinks for the past 10 years and are now looking to slow down, The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday.

I wasn't the only person speaking 50 miles per hour, Drank inventor Peter Bianchi told the newspaper. It was my personal quest to relax the world.

Other relaxation beverages such as Vacation in a Bottle, which calls itself the happy relaxation drink, Superliminal Purple Stuff Pro-Relaxation Formula and iChill are being marketed to consumers as a way to unwind from the grind, the Journal said.

Research firm Mintel has indicated that energy drinks, while still the fastest-growing sector by far in the beverage industry at about $896 million in sales last year, are starting to level off after years of triple-digit percentage growth.

There is room for so much diversification within the beverage market, NPD Group analyst Harry Balzer told the newspaper. The one thing we do like as humans is new things.